Friday, January 14, 2022

Lady, in Waiting - Available Now!


Here we are, folks, the moment I've been waiting for! (And you've probably been waiting for me to be quiet about, but that's neither here nor there because I AM EXCITED and feel the need to SHOUT about this book).

Lady, in Waiting is now available for purchase through most online stores by following this universal link. You can also ask your favorite bricks-and-mortar store to order it for you, or if you're a library fan (and who isn't?), you can ask your library to order it in either ebook or paperback formats! (There will be an audiobook further down the road, and I'm considering producing a set of hardcovers for the series, but again... later).

The ebook will be published on February 14, but for anyone who wants the paperback, I'll let you in on a teeny, tiny secret. I screwed up. When you upload books to Amazon, they're done separately. I uploaded the ebook first, and I set the publication date to February 14. They asked if I wanted to set up a pre-order. I did. I thought I did the same thing with the paperback. I did not. The paperback is live, on Amazon only. If you want to get a jump on everyone else, head on over and grab your copy. 

After that embarrassing admission, I'm going to slink back to my writing cave and figure out what I did wrong, so I don't do it again next time. 

(And if you buy early - or at all - please be kind and leave a review; consider it a virtual way of giving me a cookie).

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