Wednesday, February 2, 2022

January Roundup


This has been an interesting month. Sometimes I feel like a lot got done, and other times I feel like I've been spinning my wheels and spattering myself and my surroundings with mud.

But here goes. Accountability for the win:

Lady, in Waiting

1. Got the e-book uploaded and set up a pre-order. (You can get yours here).

2. Finished working with formatting friend and got the print book uploaded and set up for order. (Link above).

3. Did an abundance of scheduled social media posts for January and into February to make the world aware of its existence. (How can anyone not know by now? I feel like it's all I talk about.)

My Sister's Child

1. Edited 38 out of 44 chapters. Will finish these edits by end of first week of February and then put this book to rest for a while.

2. Mostly planned out the sequel. Mostly. I'm not a natural outliner, but the story has some shape and I'm trying to work with it. If I have hooks and some wire, I'll have something to hang the rest of the story on.


1. Audible finally transferred the audiobook back to me, so my narrator and I got together to change the opening and closing credits. I learned how to upload an audiobook to Audible and Findaway Voices, which will distribute the audio to everyplace BUT Audible (including your library, if you ask them to buy it).

2. Asked my cover artist to update the audiobook cover to remove publisher name. Re-uploaded cover art to Audible/Findaway.

A Wider World

1. Audiobook isn't mastered yet, but nevertheless got updated cover so it's ready when I am.

Looking forward to February 14 and getting Lady, in Waiting out into the world!

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