Sunday, June 5, 2022

Coming Apart: Free Prequel

A few days ago, I showed off the covet for Coming Apart. Thank you for the messages and comments - I'm absolutely in love with it and I'm glad you like it - and are looking forward to reading the pages inside that cover.

What I've got for you today is the blurb for the book, introducing my two sisters and their situations in life.

Pre-orders for the book won't be up until August or September (I usually do a 30-day pre-order, but I could be convinced to lengthen it if you want to order in August), but you can read a free prequel novella right now if you sign up for my mailing list.

From This Day Forward is set a dozen years prior to Coming Apart, and it tells the story of Claire's wedding and the beginning of the break in the sisters' relationship.

If you subscribe, I promise not to spam you, and I will never share your email address. I check in generally on the 30th of each month, and occasionally I'll pop in at the middle of the month if there's big news or a sale that I think you should know about.

When you sign up here, you'll receive an email welcoming you to the list and giving you a link to BookFunnel, which is the website that holds the files. They're an excellent site and can walk you through the download process to your Kindle or other device if you haven't done it before.

If you're already a subscriber, your last newsletter had that same link and you can head on over to download From This Day Forward.

It's a gift to my readers, and a promise of more story to come. Enjoy!

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