Saturday, July 2, 2022

June Roundup

June has been another month where I feel like I've done nothing but chase my tail - which is why this roundup post is so useful for me.

What I think I've done all month - a little writing, a little editing. Far too much time on social media. A craft show where I sold a few books. Other stuff?

Looking at my planner, what I've actually done is: 

Mastered and uploaded the audiobook files for A Wider World, which is/will soon be available on all retail sites and for purchase by library systems. 

Organized a one-day discount for Songbird, which netted some nice sales and will hopefully bring readthrough for the rest of the series. 

Worked with my designer to come up with a cover for the Tudor Court box set, which will be an ebook only compilation of the first three books of the series. For people who haven't purchased yet, it will be priced at $9.99; in other words, three books for the price of two. I'm not doing a paperback; it's just too chunky.

Light editing on Songbird's text file so that it flows better with A Wider World and Lady, in Waiting. I haven't changed the book at all, but its chapters were very long as compared to the other two, so I split them to make the reading experience more consistent.

A farmers market/craft show in my town, where I sold 5 books, including a copy of A Wider World to an elderly neighbor who texted me from her doctor's office and told me that she'd just finished Songbird and I'd made her cry in public.

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