Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Brief update

Just a short post this week because I haven't been around much and I'm just starting to catch up.

My husband's mom has been in hospice, and we lost her last week. Yesterday was the funeral and today is generalized exhaustion and starting to get to all the things that were set aside while we were with her.

Here's a list I wrote for that tires in with my release of Coming Apart - the five best books about complicated sister relationships. If you haven't heard of Shepherd, it's a fantastic place to go for book recommendations. While it does feature specific author's books, in exchange we have to come up with a list of books that work with the theme of our featured book. Complicated sisters was a fun list to put together.

Do you have any books you'd suggest adding to this list?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you lost your mother-in-law. Best wishes to you and your husband. Thank you for all the updates on your work. Keep writing and crafting!

Karen said...

Thank you. It's very therapeutic at times like this, just finding the actual time can be difficult.