Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Spring things


This has been one of those weeks where it feels like a lot has happened, but it's actually just been normal, everyday stuff. Which isn't bad, right? "May you live in interesting times" is something you never want to hear, not after the interesting times we've already lived through.

We're still getting acquainted with Rufus, but he's settled in beautifully. It's interesting to watch him discover new pieces of his environment, like this footstool. Which is right next to the window where he likes to sit, and in full view of the couch, so now that he's found it, he can sit there and look cute and we can sit comfortably and observe his cuteness. Win/win.

It's also been garden heaven. The front yard has gone from yellow (daffodils) to lavender (lilac and creeping phlox), and now that we had some significant rain on Saturday night, pink will soon be creeping into the color scheme. 

The local nurseries have stocked early because of the weather, so I have the backyard veggie beds almost completely planted, except for a few tomato varieties that I haven't found yet. I've tried growing my own under lights in the basement; it doesn't work. I don't know why. I gave the setup to a friend and she's going gangbusters with it, so my brain must see it as a variation on houseplants, something it doesn't want to do.

I was supposed to have my first craft show of the season this coming Sunday, but there's been a complication. We live west of Philadelphia, and this Sunday is the Broad Street Run, a race that goes the entire length of Broad Street (a long street which completely bisects the city) and my craft show is on the other side. We could take the long way - over an hour - and go around the city and come in from below, but that would be a long ride, and my husband would have to leave immediately and reverse the whole thing because he'd planned a meeting at his West Philly office to keep him occupied while I was working. So the poor guy would spend almost 4 hours in the car while I was spending 6 at a craft show.

Thankfully the organizer is a sweetheart and has let me roll over my payment until the fall show, so I'm not out any money. He'll go off and do his thing on Sunday and I'll stay home and either write or make more pieces for my now-first craft show, which will be Sunday, May 7.

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