Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Back to my old ways

Sunday was the first craft show of my 2023 season. It should have been the previous week, but a combination of a rainy forecast and the show being located on the other side of the Broad Street Run, which would have entailed driving completely around the city and entering from the opposite direction from where we live, made it an unappealing prospect. And then the forecast made them cancel, and I've never celebrated a rainy day so much in my life. And it did rain. Those poor runners.

This past weekend, though, while some people were still recovering from getting up far too early to watch the coronation, I set up my table in Swarthmore and got back to what I once thought might turn into a full-time job.

Making is not going to keep a roof over my head, I understand that now. It probably never was, but with the changes over the last few years, it's gotten even more unlikely. That being said, since it doesn't have so much weight on it, I really enjoyed getting out there and talking to people and letting them by all my upcycled goodies. They bought books.

Some shows wouldn't have allowed me to set up that book rack, because the jury process states that you can't sell anything not in the initial application, but other shows are more flexible - and after all, I did make them. 

My next show isn't until June, unless I can find something to pop in between, but certain things sold well enough on Sunday that I'll be busy restocking between now and then.

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