Wednesday, February 7, 2024


This week it's just sort of a piecemeal, patchwork, catch-up affair - nothing major has happened. 

I had a birthday, it was 60, we went out for a lovely dinner at our favorite French restaurant. The Ava & Claire omnibus dropped, the cats are still hissing and spitting but getting along better than they were, and we're going to need an entirely new flat roof on the back of the house. All of which makes me tired.

I'll be better by next week. In the meantime, enjoy the children competing to see who looks better in the chair that gets the afternoon sun.


Anonymous said...

Both adorable!!! One blends in and the other stands out!! Enjoy them any way you can!!
Long time reader, seldom a commenter!! Renita in NC

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I love the fabric on your chair, and it looks like Rufus and Tessa like it too.

Karen said...

Thanks - they are pretty adorable, and I like the chair, as well. It's one of those stretch covers so it's easy to get the cat hair off. (Important in this house).

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns on your milestone birthday! Hope the cats continue moving toward being buddies.

Rachael said...

Happy birthday! May you have good adventures this year.

Your cats are adorable. Glad you have two again.

Congrats on the omnibus dropping.