Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Author Life

Not a lot of time this week for a proper post (edits, craft shows) but I wanted to share an Amazon review I got the other day on Coming Apart, the first book in my Ava & Claire series. 

It was a one-star review, but not the worst thing that could have happened. First off, it proves that people night want content warnings, but they don't always read them. Second, a negative review like this is actually helpful - it warns like-minded readers that they won't enjoy the book, and gives others a heads up that they will.

One of the things I love about historical fiction is that it shows how little people have changed - customs and costumes, but not in our essentials. Also, in every era there are "hot topics" which done people don't want to talkb it read about. 

"I know things happened back then, but I was not expecting to read about it." 

Interestingly, I've gotten messages from other readers who had similar feelings as the reviewer but who said the books made them think, and while they hadn't necessarily changed their minds, they had more empathy for people in difficult situations than they did prior to reading.


Anonymous said...

Yikes. Backhanded compliments abound - did book 1 "end abruptly" or was it gripping and pulled the reader into the series? Etc etc.

Can't please everyone, eh? But you seem very mellow about it all.


Karen said...

Ceci, there's not much I can do, so it's not worth getting upset - but I like the retroactive offense at reading 2 books before being confronted with something she didn't like.

Anonymous said...

I would see that comment rather as a recommendation that makes me curious to read your books.


Karen said...

Julia, thank you! That's why I don't mind it - it culls the easily offended and makes people curious who might not otherwise pick the books up.