Sunday, November 25, 2007

Location, Location, Location

The precise position of those two medallions didn't strike me until after the shirt was put together and on the dress form.

Well, if you can't hide 'em, drape them in large prints and point 'em at your nearest target!

This shirt is based on my favorite TNT blouse pattern, Simplicity 5204. It's a really basic shirt, but it fits well, and the collar goes together like a breeze every single time. You can't beat that. This time around I changed the shape a little - made it longer, tapered up at the hip, and changed the sleeve to a 3/4 with a faux cuff so I could show off some more of the fabulous buttons I picked up at PR Weekend.

I've had the fabric since spring of 2006 - my very first trip to Kashi - and all this time it hasn' t struck me what it wanted to be. I went into Pacific Trims on PR Weekend, saw these buttons, and the whole shirt just appeared in my head, finished.

It should be so easy. But this is a quick sew, almost instant gratification pattern, and now I have something new to wear to work this week, and something to feel good about while I continue to wrestle with the next big project, BWOF 10/07's 105 dress with all the pleats. It's moving along, but it's moving at its own pace.

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Kat said...

LOL! Those medallions just *had* to make it right at the boobs. Seriously though, I didn't notice that until you pointed it out. And I presume the average person that doesn't sew would never notice at all. Can't wait to see the finished garment, Karen!