Monday, December 17, 2007

A few small changes

at the last minute. Still working on those Miranda bags, except work as we know it came to an abrupt, screeching halt the other night when I decided that I absolutely hated the fabrics. Nothing against Amy Butler fabrics per se, but they're not me. They're so not me that no combination of them I could come up with worked for me, and I was growing to dislike the bags so much that I was afraid I wouldn't finish in time for Christmas.

Do you ever get to that point with a project, where you just dislike it so much that you're afraid to give it to someone? I don't like giving a gift I can't stand behind, and I just didn't want to see these bags every time I visited for the next year.

So I did what I should have done in the beginning - shopped my stash, found a nice dark neutral and few coordinating home dec fabrics, and prepared to start over. Except of course it was after midnight and I had no more batting and I just couldn't face re-quilting, so . . . I cheated. I cut the new fabrics and pieced them on top of the existing already-quilted Amy Butler fabrics. I hated seeing $25 per bag in AB fabrics get buried, but you know what? It's less than 10 days to Christmas, and I want to be done. So in one night I managed to duplicate all the work I had done previously on the two bags, and I have the rest of the pieces ready to go for tomorrow when I have an evening to myself. (Tonight was dinner and present-wrapping).

Since it was colder than #%&*! today, I stayed in at lunch and finished all the hand-sewn details on the kimono robe (3rd and last gift, and probably the first to be completed). All I need to do there is some last minute pressing, fold it up and wrap.

It. Will. Be. Over. Soon.


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