Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So Tired

And so not finished. I came home from work today swearing to do nothing but sew. Not to stir out of the workroom until those two bags were reconstructed and the robe was finished. Yep, I was going to be a sewing machine.

Uh huh. So, I came home from work, took a little nap, had a bowl of pasta, and kicked off my evening at around 8:00. Complete revamping of the first Miranda bag took place over the next 2 hours. I think it would have been easier to start from scratch than to quilt over top of the existing bag, but lack of time/supplies did me in. It worked, in the end. All I have left is to attach the handles and the closure, and iron it. Bag #2 is still in the flat stage, but on the other hand that saves me from making the mistake with the faux binding that I did on bag #1 (which will be covered in the review). Didn't work on the robe at all.

Even though shopping season is almost over, the catalogs are still trickling in. I got the latest J. Peterman today - can I tell you how glad I am that they started publishing again? I love their catalogs. This is one of my favorites from the new issue:
Even more do I like the way they describe it, in true sewing porn style: "satin-lined, with angled hacking pockets. Center back vent. Buttoning velvet collar and functional button cuffs. Made of pure-wool English tweed, itself a work of art, from a Yorkshire mill that’s been at it since 1837. Color: Olive Green enriched with flickerings of Brown, Blue, Taupe, and exuberant Rust." Give me a writer who can describe fabric like that.

By the way, it's $249. I'm not good at lining jackets yet, but I think I could buy 2 yards of pure wool English tweed, some velvet, good buttons, satin lining and all the interior hidden goodies for . . . somewhat less than that.

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Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Ohhhh can you give me the info for the new J. Peterman catalog? I loved the original too and would like to start receiving it again! Thanks!