Monday, January 28, 2008

The February 5

It really didn’t take much thought to get the next 5 projects together. Actually, one of them is technically part of the January 5 - the BWOF black skirt made it in so it could be worn for my birthday dinner on Saturday night.

A top (pattern yet to be determined) out of this amazing jersey from Gorgeous Things. Thinking maybe the KS twist top, though the last time I made that I was less than impressed. Need to go through my patterns to find a worthy one for this.

BWOF 8/07 #126 pants. This was supposed to be in the January 5, but it got bumped for another project, plus I wasn’t feeling like fitting pants in my very cold workroom because it usually involves sewing in my underwear instead of getting dressed and undressed all the time. The fabric is a fabulous soft and drapy caramel-tan RPL I got from Kashi on my first visit about a year and a half ago.

BWOF 1/08 #122 artist blouse. I love both versions of this that I've seen on PR, though since both of them are solids (white and pale blue), I'm not sure how I came up with this combo. I have one yard each of these two border prints from EOS, and they’ve been aging on the shelf because a yard wasn’t enough to do anything interesting. I decided to combine the two colors into this top (they coordinate better in person than onscreen, trust me), along with some turquoise cotton that matches the paisleys. It's either going to be absolutely great, or absolutely scary. Right now, fingers are crossed for great. But I don't rule out scary.

BWOF 1/08 #116 wrap top. I don’t usually like wrap tops (they tend to unwrap at inopportune moments), but this one got me. I loved seeing all the reviews on PR, and I have this fabulous stretch jersey (Gorgeous Things, who also sells it, calls the pattern “Holy Hollyhocks!”) that I bought at PR Weekend. At the time, I wasn’t sure why I bought two yards, except it was inexpensive and I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it. (Yes, this is a mindset I’m trying to get out of, but it’s really hard to do at Metro Textiles, when confronted with a store full of pretty and a Kashi full of persuasion.)

BWOF 9/07 #116 – skirt with front pleats. I think this is a fabulously interesting skirt, and I really want to do it the way they did in the magazine, in plaid and cut on the bias, but when I found myself in need of a short black skirt for a night out, this looked fast and easy, and doing a muslin before I cut into my good plaid never hurts. I like this skirt, it turned out well and took minimal time. Only change I made was to narrow the yoke a bit so that it didn’t ride exactly at my waist.

So this is the queue for the next 5 projects – a basic black skirt and several more pieces to combine with the January 5. And about 9 more yards out of stash. Because it’s a short month, I gave myself a few easier projects. I see another jacket in my future, though. Stay tuned.


Adrienne said...

I keep looking at that wrap top too! Seems like everyone is making it! Can't wait to see your February 5 all complete!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

The Kashi comments got me! *LOL* Boy do I understand those and it takes a strong woman to resist his fabric charms! All of the pieces are beautiful and will make amazing garments!

Connie B said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN!! Hope you read this on Jan 31st! It is very strange but 3 of my friends ('cluding you!) have birthdays today and tomorrow!
You are one very prolific sewer lately- I have been looking at the same pair of pants cut out for a week and not doing a thing on them!