Friday, January 25, 2008

In fashion, one day you're in, and the next day, you're . . . in

Did everyone see Project Runway Wednesday night? Don't even get me started on the "Happy Hands at Home" and "home sewn" comments – do these people not realize that (a) most of their audience probably sews, and (b) two of their sponsors are Brother and Simplicity, companies which obviously do know that the audience probably sews.

Not to mention the fact that we all know plenty of home sewers who turn out more professional looking work than the PR designers on a regular basis. I think this week's show was almost the first time that Ricky didn't produce something I couldn't have done while simultaneously watching reruns of Project Runway.

No, what has me irked this time is Tim's and the judges' swooning response to Rami's denim dress. You know, the one with the innovative, fashion-forward, zippers-as-piping trim. Which would be the same innovative, fashion-forward, zippers-as-piping trim that Jeffrey used on his green striped dress during the finale of Season 3. Which YSL used years before, and I'm sure has been done many other times that my tired brain can't think of.

This isn't a slur against Rami; I love his draping, though it gets repetitive, and I was pleased to see how well he worked with a structured fabric like denim. And I couldn't stand Jeffrey, but I did like that striped dress. At the time I thought the zippers were interesting, and for a while I tried to figure out how to use them myself on a garment, but I ditched the idea because by then it was so "last season." Who knew that "last season" would still be in this season? And that Tim Gunn would be almost unreasonably excited about it? (Michael Kors I can understand; he gets excited about the weirdest stuff, and just look at the recent butt-ruch pattern he released: I'm not blindly following that man’s sense of fashion any time soon).

So what gives, Heidi? You throw around the words "fat" and "home sewn" like you're hurling spears at your audience, and then even your tag line isn't accurate. Apparently, one day you can be in, and a year and a half later, you can still be in.

Auf wiedersehen, credibility.


kasizzle said...

I kept wondering why no one mentioned Jeffrey with the whole zipper thing. They were all over Santino back in season 2 when he used the same fabric as Austin from season 1.

C. Dishmont said...

I'm with you 110% on that.