Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

But not a drop in my house. Okay, maybe a trickle, but that's it.

I think this plumbing thing has damaged more than my budget. I haven't been able to get out of my own way all week. Not only have I not done any dishes or laundry (difficult, without water), but I've done hardly any sewing, and there's no excuse for that except my preference would be to remain fetal in my bed until all this is over.

But tomorrow's the big day – I get to spend Valentine's Day with my plumber. Of course, when your big V-Day fantasy involves a long, hot shower (alone, I'm not sharing the water when I finally get it back!) and loads and loads of laundry, maybe the plumber is the right man to spend it with. Mario and I are going to go out on Friday night to celebrate. I just know I won't have it in me tomorrow after they're finally done.


Connie B said...

So has the hose stretched across the lawn frozen yet? Or am I giving you nightmears?
By the way I tagged you! SORRY!

laura said...

I'm so embarrassed! I meant to comment on this post but posted on your project runway one instead. Will you forgive me if I say I can't stand Christian either?

Kat said...

You are SO funny, Karen! Glad you can maintain your sense of humor over the lack of water. Enjoy a nice, long hot shower. When things happen like this, it's actually a joyful experience doing laundry too.