Thursday, August 7, 2008

Full Steam Ahead

And I do mean steam. I put in the sleeves last night, and I have to say, between removing the excess ease and the magic of steam on wool, they went in beautifully. I literally had to put in about 5 ease stitches, and I think I did that mostly for the joy of steaming it into shape.

While the sleeve was resting on the pressing ham, I played with the collar. I really like the shape of this collar, and I can see that I'll have more quality time with lots of hot steam getting it to stand and roll the way I want.

I debated about the collar - there was only enough boucle for one, and I thought that doing the under collar (for which there is a separate piece - I love thoughtful patterns!) in the boucle would make it bulky anyway. So I was torn. I probably should have done it in the solid sleeve lining fabric, but the pattern-loving part of me couldn't resist using the lining silk.

Speaking of the the lining silk, I constructed the lining tonight - patterned body, boucle facing, solid sleeves. I like it. A lot. I think I finally understand how women can forget the pain of childbirth, because when I was fighting tooth and claw with that slippery silk charmeuse, I didn't think I'd ever be able to sit back and admire my lining without remembering the pain. Guess what? Looking at the result, I can barely remember how much trouble it gave me.

I suppose that's how the human race has survived this long.


Dawn said...

Wow. You're an animal. You are sewing that puppy up quick! It looks fab-u-lous and I love those colors.

Unknown said...

I love your fabric, such beautiful fall colors!

Cindy said...

I'm loving that fabric too! Beautiful.

Rose said...

The color of the lining looks wonderful! :) I'm not certain how I would describe the color, but I wouldn't use chartreuse. Great job!