Monday, November 10, 2008

Just a little

retail therapy to perk me up in gray November. Last week, I wandered over to Fashion Fabrics Club, a site I can honestly say I'd never visited before (probably a good thing, considering the way their site is set up and my dialup connection at home - this was a rainy day lunch at the office) and I saw lots that I liked. I didn't jump in, wildly waving my credit card, and only bought one thing I absolutely needed, which was 2 yards of black poly doubleknit for a pair of work pants, and then two sale fabrics to keep the double knit company.

They're both summer prints, so they were reduced, and the whole order, including shipping, only came to a little over $25, so I don't feel bad at all. The two prints are going to be my favorite BWOF 10/06 #117 A-line skirt (see review here) which has pretty much replaced shorts in my wardrobe. It's a nice, easy style that takes next to no time to sew, even with an invisible zip and a lining. I've probably got 4 of this skirt now, but it's a basic shape that goes with everything, so I'm sure I'll have more beyond even these.

I may make these two skirts up some evening soon while I'm motivated to sew but not really to start any big new projects. It'll be a nice treat to have something new to wear next spring when the warm weather hits and I'm sick to death of winter clothes.

I wore the animal-print version of NL 6429 on Friday, and I liked it so much that I decided I needed another version. Since the weather's getting pretty cool (and it's always cold in my office, no matter the season), I made the long-sleeved version this time. I wore it to work today and was badly photographed (both me and the photograph) by the receptionist. Who I have to forgive because her younger sister came up with a pair of my favorite BCBGirls cowboy boots and let me have them for only $20! Wahoo, new shoes!!

Fabric: drapy stretch knit from A Fabric Place in Baltimore - purchased at the PR shopping day. Supposedly it's Diane von Furstenberg. That wasn't why I purchased it, but it was a plus on top of the fact that I loved the color, the pattern and the drape. It's a little too stretchy, though - the neckline, which fit perfectly during the fitting and the first half of the day, stretched out a little bit by the end. Which didn't happen on the last version of this dress, so I'm assuming it's a fabric issue. I may just take the shoulder seam up a titch, which won't change the early-day fit but should help with the late-day droop.

BTW, another PR connection with this dress - I used a jersey needle purchased at Greenberg & Hammer in NYC at the PR October shopping day. My local store doesn't even sell jersey needles. Since stretch needles haven't been all that cooperative for me lately, I decided to give this a try. The jersey needle didn't skip a single stitch and worked beautifully for this entire dress and most of a second one before dulling down. Another wahoo for using the right supplies for the right project.

I can feel the mojo creeping back. I think it was touching new fabric that did it . . .


Cathi Twill said...

Hi Karen,
I love that dress and the fabric! Do you think they still have any of that fabric? Thanks!

Meg said...

Very flattering dress on you...

Diana said...

Karen, I'n glad I looked in on your blog. I've just finished a jersey dress an d had the hardest time with skipped stitches. I didn't even know about jersey needles. Our fabric store where I work doesn't sell them either so I'll have to be on the lookout for them.
About your neckline stretching out . Would it be possible to insert an elastic in there? I did this for a top that I made and had that problem with and it worked like a charm.

Kat said...

I just love this dress! It has such a flattering fit.