Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is it January yet?

I've been perusing the preview of BWOF's January issue, and man, I am itching to start some of these. Of course I don't have the issue yet, and probably won't for at least the first few days of the new year, but here are the top 4 from the issue, including fabric choices:

#106 knit dress.

Isn't this fabulous? When I was in NY last week getting the buttonholes done on my coat, I made a flying stop at Metro Textiles and Kashi talked me into buying some of this new knit he'd just unwrapped. How could I resist? He said I was the first customer to see it. I assumed it would want to be a dress, but it hadn't announced which one until I opened the preview and saw this. I like that the skirt's not too full, the neck's not too low and I love those sleeves! I might actually take them up a bit so that they're closer to 3/4 so I don't drag them through my dinner, but that's neither here nor there - I want the dress.

#114 double-breasted jacket.

This is just the cutest thing. And even before I saw that they did it in a plaid, I was thinking about the red/black/gray plaid I bought at Kashi's in November. And then I looked at their example with the bias plaid band around the edges and that just did it - looking at it when I got home tonight, my fabric is even more similar than I realized, and I think it will work well. I just have to dig through the button stash and find something not-too-flashy for this one.

#109 pea coat.

Okay, so these are the exact same pockets I just eliminated from my brown coat, but now I like them. And this pea coat for some reason wants to be made in a slightly metallic herringbone wool I bought at Jomar last month. Don't ask why - a metallic herringbone wool pea coat seems odd even to me, but I'm going to have one in the not-too-distant future.

#124 waistcoat/vest.

I don't actually have the fabric picked out for this one, but I've been on a vest kick lately and this is a different cut from the ones I've already sewn.

I think first up will be the dress, because it will be hands-down the easiest of the three major projects there. Maybe I'll even get acquainted with my new coverstitch machine in time to hem it!


Dawn said...

Three of those are on the top of my list too. That blazer's button bug me for some reason. I'm not a fan of where the CF buttons sit. I LOVE the other three and will be making them. We should do a sew-along for the dress. That's my favorite.

Sigrid said...

Great choices and your fabric really does look very similar to the one BWOF used. I received my copy yesterday, and there is more inspiration in it than in the December issue (for me that is). Love the pleated blouse and that jacket.

Elaray said...

You'll be busy making some great pieces!

Merry Christmas!

Meg said...

I love those picks too. I want to make a top out of the dress you picked. I'll pass on your regards to Kashi when I see him next week. (Yes, it's time for my fix.)

Lori said...

Oh, I really like all three of those. Can't wait to see your creations.

Tracy said...

From one Philadelphian to another, may you and your family celebrate a joyous Holiday season.

Love your work.

Tany said...

Great picks! SOme of them are in my list too!

Nancy K said...

I got my copy today in the mail, much to my amazement. I have never wanted to make so many things in one issue before. I like all your choices. The dress, in the blouse version is on my list.
The jacket is great, but what I don't like is how they planned the buttons. They are hanging over the edge of the jacket. A big no no. I'd make the buttonholes in the seam line of the trim. SB has instructions for doing this.

Karen M said...
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