Monday, December 29, 2008

The Least Worn of 2008

Since I did a top 10 list, I should be fair and present my least worn sewing projects for the year. Again, this is a personal list so there are random reasons why these garments all made it here, but the main one is that they've hardly been worn, and that means there's something not right. That differs from piece to piece.

KS 3620 blouse - It's okay. It's a white shirt, so how bad can it be? I'm just not thrilled with it, even with the cool gray buttons that at least make it interesting enough to put on, but not so interesting that I get excited about wearing it.

BWOF 3/08 #108 blouse. Indefinable. It's okay comfortable but not fabulous. I love the fabric. I like the buttons I ended up using, but for some reason I just keep reaching past this one in the closet. I need to wear it a few more times to figure out why, and if I still don't get it, a friend will.

BWOF 3/08 #115 dress - it's almost TOO fitted. If I have to wiggle into the shapewear every time to make this look right, then it's not going to get worn a lot. But it's Liberty of London and I love the fabric with all my heart, so it's going to stay in the closet whether I wear it or not because it's beautiful.

V 7903 Today's Fit blouse - I'm beginning to think I like the idea of blouses better than the reality. I make them, I fit them, I don't wear them. And I really liked the shirting I used on this one. So what's my deal here? Why do I like making shirts but not wearing them?

BWOF 6/07 #113 shaped pencil skirt - I oopsed on this one and didn't cut seam allowances. Since the corduroy was stretch, I did manage to make it fit. It's a bit snug but my reservation isn't the tightness, it's more of a design thing. I tend to like BWOF's oddly pieced pencil skirts, but this one isn't the most flattering they ever did. Now that I've considered it in the cold light of day, it's probably leaving the closet.

V 2980 top - this was a wadder, plain and simple. User error, bad fabric choice, awful fit. But I know this was me, because I've seen many, many great version of this top, so I'll give it another chance in a better fabric.

There were other wadders that never made it to the review stage - such as the Patrones blouse made from the leftovers of one of my Parisian cottons. This was before I realized just how small Patrones ran compared to BWOF. It's still in the 2/3 done phase, but may get finished one of these days and given to a thinner, less boob-ulous friend.

Wadders are a necessity, I guess. If we didn't occasionally turn out a project that made us flinch, what would be the motivation to try harder?

So, onward and upward to next year's successes and wadders - here's hoping there's more of the former.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday, whichever one you choose to celebrate (or not). Mine was mostly quiet, which was what I was hoping for, though not as much sewing got done as I would have liked since I copied Christina and fell on Christmas Eve and strained my right wrist. But it's mending and the workroom is calling my name . . .


cidell said...

I'm sorry the Liberty of London dress made this list :(

Meg said...

Ouch, sorry about your wrist.

I was in NYC today and exercised phenomenal restraint. You'd be proud.

wendy said...

I'm sad that the BWOF 3/08 #108 blouse didn't work for you- I made it twice, and I love it, mostly for that cute little collar. I made mine from kind of stiffish fabric, though, and I wear it more as a jacket... maybe it works better that way than as a straight up blouse.

NancyDaQ said...

Ow! Sorry about your wrist. I hope you enjoyed the holiday anyway.

The Liberty dress is beautiful BTW. I'm sorry you can't enjoy it as much as you'd like. To me, this kind of project is worse than a wadder.

Lori said...

I agree wiht Cidell, sorry the Liberty of London dress made the list. I hope your wrist feels better soon, I enjoy all your garments.