Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sewing Resolutions 2008 - a Recap

Well, this was last year's attempt at sewing resolutions, and I didn't get as far as I would have liked. Here they were:

1. Conquer welt pockets. Nope. Tried twice, they looked lumpy and uneven. Must work harder. (My lack of success with #1 has much to do with #2 below).

2. Take my time. I've actually gotten much better at this, so I think perhaps my welt problem issue isn't so much not taking my time as not being as precise as I need to.

3. Work on linings. This I'm happy about. I've lined skirts and jackets and a coat and 9 times out of 10 I'm very happy, and the few things that have gone wonky have been fixable. Good linings really make clothes better, so I consider this a major accomplishment for 2008.

4. Quality over quantity. I've managed quantities of quality. I did the Fabric Fast for the first several months of 2008 and really cut down on my shopping; however, I got over that. But now when I shop, I buy well - and often. This doesn't leave me a lot of fabric for muslins.

5. Reduce the stash. Umm, not really. But it's all much better stuff than it used to be (see #4 above).

6. Make new curtains for the dining room. (I also need new curtains for the kitchen, but those are a quickie job that won't disrupt my regular sewing). This was the only specific project on the list, and did it get done? No. Many more interesting projects stepped in between this resolution and the reality of curtains, but the house next door was just rehabbed and will have tenants soon, so those windows need to be covered.

Resolutions for 2009 will be along shortly.

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Melissa Fehr Trade said...

On resolution #1 - I just made my first welt pockets ever and found the special supplemental instructions in the Aug 2008 BWOF to be really helpful. I then went on to conquer my fear of bound buttonholes after that! Hurrah!