Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January: month end review

I'm going to be a shameless copycat and follow Carolyn's example of a month-end recap so I can look at what I've accomplished in January and figure out what's next. My question is, looking at the fact that I've made 10 garments this month, when did I find time for work and a life and a man and a gym membership and 11 cats?

I didn't feel all that industrious this month, but statistics don't lie. 10 garments? Really? Okay, so three of them were knit tops and two were knit dresses, but still, I didn't think I spent that much time hiding in my workroom.

The funny thing is when I got my January BWOF (before the end of December), I had in mind that I was going to make 5 things from that issue, and I only got to the one dress. February will be different. But then again, that dress was easily the best piece in the January issue and I'm planning to make another one for spring - at least the top, if the fabric I have in mind isn't enough.

January consisted of 2 lined jackets: BWOF 5/07 102 and NL 6199. I like both of them, but I have a real soft spot for the BWOF because it was a recycling project and really challenged me.

Two Burdastyle patterns: the Franzi vest (another recycling project) and their men's tee (2 of those, and more I'm sure to come - gotta keep the provider of coverstitch happy and clothed).

Two KwikSew patterns - the Duro dress with some changes that made it less "Duro" and my favorite tshirt made from the Duro's leftover fabric.

Two more BWOFs - 1/09 #106 dress and 11/06 faux-wrap sweatshirt, which I absolutely love.

One miss - Vogue 1082 - which still has to be finished so I can hand it off to my co-worker. All it's lacking right now is the lining.

All in all, a pretty successful month. I'm pleased with both jackets, particularly the recycled one and its welt pockets, but the NL gray quilted one just needs something yet to make it right. A nice flat button for the outside, but I don't have anything in stash, so that will wait until the next trip to NY.

Getting the fit right on Mario's tshirt was another accomplishment. I hadn't thought a tshirt would be more difficult to fit than a dress shirt, but the fabric doesn't conceal fitting errors the same way. I'm going to have to try that sloped-shoulder adjustment on his next dress shirt, just to see what happens to the fit there. Always something new to try.

The Vogue skirt was still a learning experience - it was one of those "you might like it, but it doesn't fit your body" moments, and I learned that sometimes you can successfully force the issue, and sometimes you can't. But I found the skirt a happy new owner, so at least I can't consider it a wadder.

Patternreview's contests were a bonus for me this month - I don't sew stash just to get rid of it, but I did try to push myself to pull out some older fabrics for projects I would have tried anyway. The recycling/refashioning contest was a wonderful exercise for my brain, and the great thing is that I like both pieces completely aside from their recycled-ness. Now there's a word for you


Meg said...

10 GARMENTS?!!! You factory you!! I'm still plugging along on my faux-Chanel jacket.

Anonymous said...

Oh you put me to shame. I am hanging my head as I type. That is so industrious and they look fabulous. And I can't even claim Chanel as my excuse for one measly garment. :-( Must try harder (me..not you!)

Reethi said...

I made enough too that I was asking the exact same question - what did I not do, if I had time to sew that much? In my case, going out. Winter makes me hibernate.

Auset's Stitched Treasures said...

Ten garments!!! I should do a month end recap. Though I did mostly recons and UFO's I think I accomplished a great deal. Your work is amazing.

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

10 garments!!!! That's a lot. And two lined jackets among them? Crazy talk! I am loving all the projects.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

You HAD an amazing month! You do realize that the weather, and extra days off for holidays contributed to your high totals! When it's beautiful outside you tend not to spend as much quality time with your sewing machine!

Berry said...

Wow, you sew up a blizzard last month! I wish I was able to do such an interesting monthly recap. COngrats!!!

Kat said...

You've really got some beauties to show for the month of January. You have a job, a man, a nice family of cats, and you STILL find time to sew! Wow!!

Tany said...

I think you did quite well for one month sewing! I hope I could sew as much myself! Life has been getting on the way lately...