Monday, February 16, 2009

Sewing = Therapy

In January, I sewed because I couldn't not sew. I couldn't keep out of the room, couldn't keep my hands off the machines, couldn't keep my brain from sewing while I was sitting at my desk at work.

This month appears to be the month of Sewing-As-Therapy. The veterinary saga continues. Lily had to go back to the University of Penn's vet hospital, with an accompanying bill the size of freaking Pittsburgh. Max is over his head cold. Nicky is over his urinary tract infection but has now caught Max's head cold. I have cats isolated in my room, the guest room and the front room, and feel like I spend all my time running up and down the steps, medicating and coddling cats who don't want to be isolated, medicated or even coddled.

Right now, I'd like to be isolated in a room (preferably one equipped with a sewing machine, all my patterns and my stash, plus about a case of wine), but that's apparently not gonna happen.

So whenever I can get away from my life and head for the back room, I feel no guilt at all this month. Not a lot has gotten accomplished - I did make two of the boat-neck tshirt from February's BWOF. It's a fast, flattering, useful pattern that doesn't take too much fabric. I've worn both versions already and am quite pleased with this one.

Valentine's Day has come and gone (can you still say "bah humbug" about VDay when you're in a relationship? And happy?) We did the card thing, the chocolate thing, and made a big dinner for ourselves on Saturday night. Actually, I made most of the dinner before he came home, because I was in dire need of occupation at that point and I knew if I started sewing I'd forget dinner, so I did all the prep and started without him.

At 9:00 on Saturday night I started sewing his Valentine's Day gift, which is - say it with me - yet another shirt. I still find sewing shirts relaxing, don't ask me why, and I've wanted to make this particular one for a while. I bought the fabric back at PR Weekend 2006, at Mood, for more than I care to remember. But I love it. And after the chevron stripe shirt and the leopard-and-black one, I think I have him adventurous enough to wear it.

Nothing too exciting with this shirt, cause the fabric wouldn't stand for it. I did chevron the back yoke, but that's pretty standard. For the collar and cuffs, I actually used the less obvious of the stripes, just to dial it back a little bit. But the inside cuffs are the louder stripe, and cut on the bias, so if he rolls up his sleeves he still gets some flash.

Black buttons for this one, obviously, though I am leaning toward doing the buttonholes (but not the rest of the topstitching) in the hot pink. Gotta jazz the man up a little, right?

It's moving along well. I took some time in there tonight, and all I have left now is to sew up the sleeve/side seams, attach the cuffs, make 14 buttonholes, sew on 14 buttons and do the hem.

Basically, other than the side seams, all the things I don't enjoy. Funny, I've finally gotten to the point where I don't hate sewing the collar and stand first and foremost.
Tomorrow morning, Lily and I go off to Penn Vet to get her sutures out. Trust me, I'd be doing it myself with a seam ripper if they hadn't already charged me for it!


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Wow, you do have a lot going on and you've still managed to sew quite a bit! You know I love the top made from the EOS fabric since I've made pieces from it too. Wasn't it the kewlest fabric to sew and wear!?!

Lori said...

You have been very busy in all aspects of your life. Great job on the sewing. Hope the cats are better soon.

Kat said...

Wow! You a few standouts to show for the month of February. You've done good with your therapy :) .

The good news--after watching a few cat shows on TV this weekend, DH is talking about cats. Really, I'd take any friendly, affectionate cat from a shelter, but he's particular about the breed since we also have parrots. Persians are out (at one time we had 4 including a lovely one we got from a shelter) but they since have all died from old age. It's the fur that I don't have time to deal with now. It's been two long years without a cat...Anyway, DH is talking about a Devon Rex. I just want a cat. So do the kids. Keep checking out the on-line shelters for Devon Rexes, too, just in case. Don't care if he has to pick it, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. He did pick out all our other cats except the shelter one. All were wonderful so he CAN pick them :) . He says, "They pick us, it has nothing to do with me."

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

The bias inner cuffs sound sensational! What a great idea. I hope the brood gets well soon.

-E said...

I was just eyeing up the boatneck on Burda's site to see if my shoulders can handle it...

Little Hunting Creek said...

I like sewing men's shirts too - they are very relaxing (except for all of those buttonholes)
I hope the cats are all better soon.

gwensews said...

Your boatnecks are great. Love the prints! I wish I could get my husband into a striped shirt like the one you made. However, colored shirts are a stretch for him!

Tany said...

Great job! You managed to sew a lot lately!