Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sometimes men surprise you

Not that there aren't exceptional ones out there, but I'm thinking about the style-conscious among them, and there aren't too many who are that evolved.

This, by email, from my clotheshorse friend Adam, who knew I'd appreciate his efforts:

Today I have on that black velvet blazer with a lavender/gold pocket silk from Boyd’s, the pale purple French cuff shirt I bought in Paris and my purpleVenetian glass cufflinks. Thought you should know.

And this morning, I had a conversation with Tim, a neighborhood handyman who does historical re-enactments and makes his own uniforms. I was wearing a princess-seamed coat with welt pockets with flaps. He commented that his period of re-enactments is the American Revolutionar and that women's fashions these days are very similar to the men's fashions of the 18th century.

Not that he's not right, but I just thought it was a nice stretch of fashion consciousness, especially that early in the day.


neighbourhood.gal said...

...early in the day...

I'm cracking up! I remember way back when I asked for and received a pair of overalls for Christmas (Good Lord, what was I thinking?) that my husband had NO IDEA that overalls were fashionable. NONE.

Then I got my pair and he realized that about every third girl was also wearing a pair.

Kat said...

This has to be a percentage of the population kind of thing. Which menas there are virtually NO men in the Pocono Mountain region that know anything about fashion/fashion history LOL. This is flannel shirt/jeans territory ;) . Fashion accessory: hunting rifle.

Paulette said...

Just found your blog through another blog and I wanted to say I am going to keep visiting....because 1) you create beee-oooo-tiful garments 2) you have more cats than me!! (I have 7.) Would love to hear more about your kitty children along with your sewing prowess!! :)