Thursday, June 18, 2009

Give me Liberty

Bad. I've been very, very bad.

I recently used up the last of my Liberty of London fabric from last year's vacation. A stash with no Liberty in it? That's not a happy stash, at least not in my world.

So I went merrily off to Ebay and placed a few bids and resolutely didn't check back because I knew I'd be lucky if I got one of them.

Except I got five. Five. Each at least a two meter cut (yes, meter, not yard - most of thebm are coming via the Royal Mail - which probably takes less time than the USPS) and all of them are gorgeous.

I had a few vague ideas when I was thinking about a new Liberty print. But now that there are this many of them heading my way, I'm completely boggled and have no idea what to do with them all. But I'm sure something will come to me.

You know, until I posted all the pictures here, I really hadn't noticed that all my fabrics are tending toward the blues. What happened to Miss Earth Tone, 2009? Okay, so there are some of my greens mixed in there, but blue? Aqua? Purple? Which of my alternate personalities had control of the bid button?

And of course I really needed 10 meters of new fabric right before I went up to New York for the day, right? Because of course shopping occurred while I was in New York - how could it not?

I'll post pictures of the haul from NYC (really not embarrassingly bad) as soon as I get them uploaded.


meredithp said...

It will be allright. Nothing bad will happen to the Liberties or your NYC purchases until you have time to use them. Deep breath :-) (you lucky girl).

gwensews said...

Fabric is always good. Doesn't matter where it comes from, or how many sisters it has in a closet. FABRIC IS GOOD !!!

Anonymous said...

A stash without Liberty is bad. I have been saving my Liberty for something special...haven't figured out what yet!! Good luck on the bids.

Rose said...

Lucky you! Enjoy the gorgeous liberty fabric and have some happy "blue days". With the haul of fabric I recently purchased, I like to have company in "crime" (helps the guilt as my purchases are winning the race against stash reduction!) I'm looking forward to seeing your New York purchases!

KARIMA said...

Fabric is a good thing. The more the merrier. Enjoy your liberties even if you do not do anything with it, it will be a pleasure to touch and feel.

Dawn said...

(1) What so special about Liberty cottons? I hear people rave about them but they just seem like thin cotton to me.
(2) My local boutique has two prints. They originally had them for $30/yard but now they are marked down to $15/yard. How does that price compare to regular retail Liberty cottons? Should I buy? I'm really curious.
(3)Your new color swing suits me. If they don't work out for you, ship them my way and I'll figure out *something* to do with them. ;)