Monday, June 1, 2009

May: Month End Review

The month started slowly, but I picked up speed toward the end. I also accumulated 13 yards of fabric, which brings my total so far this year up to 69 yards. However, with this month's 11 projects and 14 yards out, that also brings my total yards sewn to 70. (I wasn't trying to break even, but I'm pleased that I have; now if I don't buy any more for a while, I'll actually be dealing with stash!)

Seven out of the month's projects were actually sewing for others: the Burda baby dress for my former co-worker, the maternity top for my current pregnant co-worker (started in April, but then I got derailed); a KwikSew tshirt to a friend; an Ottobre tank for my roommate; and three (I know, I know, how many shirts does a man need?) short-sleeved summer shirts for Mario. Which used up 6 yards of brand-new fabric in less than a week.

For myself, there was the BWOF 12/08 knit dress, the sleeveless blouse copied from an old RTW favorite, and, best of all - though not yet worn - the latest version of McCall 4444.

I thought I was done for May and was just doing some tidying of the sewing room and browsing on Patternreview, and I noticed the 2-2009 #1 Ottobre camisole/tank in Dawn's mini-wardrobe contest entry. I hadn't really looked at it in the magazine, but I decided to trace it off and give it a try - I had enough fabric left over from the maternity top. I love it! My roommate wandered past, tried it on, lamented that it was too big, which left me no option but to make one for her in a smaller size. Hers was recycled fabric - she had given me a geisha print knit top that was too big for her and I cut it apart and turned it into a top that did fit her. (Ah, the hardship of being too small for everything!)

For June, I'm planning at least one jacket (haven't decided which yet, either BWOF 4/09 #115 or the Hotpatterns Riviera Cardigan), a few pairs of shorts or capris for myself and another sundress or two. Plus I need to find a cropped jacket to wear over the McCall 4444 sundress so I can actually wear it to work without showing too much skin and/or freezing to death.

I'm surprised I got this much done - with my friend's wedding in the middle of the month, and with doing alterations on my friend's daughter's prom dress - I didn't expect much productivity. But some things sew quickly, and with Mario having an evening work project for the last week of May and the first week of this month, I had more time on my hands. I could have done house work, but why?


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Okay you are doing these end of the month reviews soooo much better than I am. :) You are also doing so much better with sewing up the fabric than I am!!! I will have to do much better next month!

Elaray said...

I'm always so impressed with the amount you get done!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Busy month! I like that Mario is coming around to modeling his shirts--it's great to see them on a person.

Rose said...

You had a lot of impressive sewing completed in May plus you are doing a good job of handling stash Vs purchased fabric. I aspire to come close to what you are doing!

Kat said...

Great work (as usual :) ), Karen!