Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ever have one of those projects?

You know, the kind that make you think you should stop sewing for the night? Or the week? Or longer?

I'm having one of those projects. What makes it worse is that I just made this pattern last week, and it worked. So what went wrong here?

After I got home from the vet hospital on Sunday, I needed distraction. I decided to make another version of BWOF 2/08 #113. To complicate things, I decided to add contrast piping to all the bodice seams. I made all the piping with my new adjustable zipper foot. And it worked.

Things didn't start to go wrong until I got to the zipper. There wasn't one. In my entire drawer of zippers, not one long black invisible. I briefly contemplated putting in a regular zipper, but I suck at those, so instead I called Kisha to see if she had a black invisible zipper I could have. That way, I figured, I wouldn't have to walk all the way to the fabric store at lunch the next day.

Monday we meet for lunch, I get my zipper, and we walk more than halfway to the fabric store in search of food. That night, I insert the zipper. And it looks like crap. Despite having basted, pinned and done everything I should have, the piped waist seam skewed by about 1/2" - and with contrast piping, it looks more like an inch. I rip out the zipper and put it in again. Not perfect, but better. Enough better. I stop for the night.

The next night, after I add the facings, I pin the side seams and unzip the dress to try it on. I hear something bounce off the floor, and when I look, it's the zipper tab. Unpick the zipper a second time and stop for the night.

Today, I walk to the fabric store at lunch for a new zipper, wondering all the while if I hadn't been so lazy on Monday, would any of this have happened? I get home, look at the condition of the CB seam, and decide to sew it shut and put the zipper in a side seam instead. Even with fusible interfacing on the zipper opening, cotton isn't meant to have a zipper picked out of it. Twice.

Oddly enough, when I sew the CB seam closed, the piping matches up perfectly. Go figure.

On the other hand, the second invisible zipper, inserted for the first time in the side seam, is a little bit wonky. The piping doesn't line up exactly, but it's better than it was on the back, and it's under my arm anyway.

I gave myself permission to leave it that way.

The world won't end, right? Right?

So, have you ever had one of those projects?

(All photos from lunchtime window shopping - top and bottom, Leehe Fai Boutique on 18th Street; middle, J. Crew).


Cisa said...

Not only do I know exactly what you're talking about, but usually it's only on a customer garment that things don't line up so I just HAVE to keep going until it's perfect. Sounds like it's time for a TNT something in a wonderful fabric to make you feel better

Meg said...

The ribbon on the jacket I just made gave me this same kind of agita. Ick. Hate when that happens. I'm coasting on easy stuff for awhile.

Tany said...

Yeap, I know exactly what you mean...

Rose said...

Been there, done that (more often than I'd like to admit).

Anonymous said...

That describes every project for me. Sigh... I can't wait to get past this beginner stage. And I give you permission too to leave it that way. Don't forget to show us pictures of this piece.

gwensews said...

The Goddess of Good Sewing must have been visiting someone else's sewing room! It was definitely NOT mine! We all have those hiccups. It will pass. I love that brown jacket, and would love to knock it off.

Linda L said...

I feel your pain! When I have those kind of projects I always tell myself I am going to take up quilting and quit sewing garments. Thankfully I don't.