Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random Saturday

Not a whole lot going on in the sewing room this weekend. The red, white and navy blouse and I aren't on speaking terms at the moment due to a collar error that I have just admitted to making but have not yet committed to fixing. It'll happen, just not yet.

And it's Saturday, which generally means there's enough stuff to do in the hood that I can avoid a difficult project if I want. This morning was the farmer's market, a flea market, 3 porch sales, and then we hit the gym. I'm finally seeing a teeny, tiny bit of movement from all the gymming lately, so I'm on a roll.

There is hope for the blouse to be finished, because as you can see I made up with the cherry dress. I wore it to work yesterday with my red shoes. While I'll be the first to admit it's a cute dress, I'm a little surprised that it got more compliments than probably the last 2 weeks worth of clothes put together.

Found out one thing about the cherry dress: you cannot be in a bad mood in this dress. Every time I looked down at it I cracked up. Nothing wrong with a dress that makes you smile, right?

I've also spent a good bit of time out back in the garden today. We got our first red tomato! Honestly, I feel like throwing a party in its honor. (Though what kind of party is it when the guest of honor also gets to be part of the appetizer?)

The other photo here was the neckline of a co-worker's top yesterday. She was totally weirded out at being photographed, but I thought it was a very simple but effective way to dress up a neckline. All it is basically is a tube turned right side out, ironed flat, pleated, and sewn down the middle. It had nothing structural to do with the top at all. I'm feeling a need to try to duplicate this.


meredithp said...

I'll bet a non-sewer would be weirded out by someone noticing the neckline (which I love). When a sewer wouldn't blink an eye. Cherry dress looks great on you. Never thought about the poor tomato in quite that way...

Anonymous said...

I love the Cherry dress on you. and love your comment that you can only be happy when wearing it. that's amazing! I gotta make me some clothes like that. ;)

gwensews said...

You look terrific in your cherry dress. It deserved the compliments. The pleated neckline is an interesting embellishment.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

Karen you do look great in the dress...happy even! :) And that is a great should definitely add it to something soon!

Rose said...

I smiled at the cherry dress also. Aren't you proud of making a dress that makes people happy and smile? Good luck with the onry red, white, and navy blouse. My tomatoes (the few we have) always are invited to parties. They are wonderful guests.

angie.a said...

You are right...I smiled as soon as I saw the cherry dress!

Sherril said...

The dress is so fun I bet you can't help but have fun wearing it. How funny that I got my first red tomato this weekend too--and us on different coasts.

Cisa said...

I've seen this neckline styling out and about lately and I too have a hankering to try it out

Unknown said...

It is very cute. I guess it qualifies as a Textile Mood Enhancer?

Just wanted you to know that I worked on the UFO of that dress and it's ok in the chest, not too tight; rather reasonably fitted. While re-reading the BWOF issue, I realized why your comment confused me so. 112 says linen, IIRC but 113, your version, says stretch woven. Oh, Annae!

I did a hybrid. 112's hemline but 113's straps.

And my zipper is no blue-ribbon work but I'm just going to ignore it. LOL! Seriously, I think it's the curve of the pattern or something.

I did NOT finish the dress though. I've discovered that Alteration Skeletons will not remain in their closets. I can't hide it anymore.

I think I need a narrow shoulder adjustment.

I had to gather the front neckline (my quick and dirty solution) because that was the only way to have the neckline flat AND keep the straps on my shoulders.

Not sure what that will give once finished. I'm not in love, after all this but I'm still going to wear it!

Will post soon. Might even have to do a PR review.

Cennetta said...

The cherry dress is cute and fun. No wonder you received so many compliments.

Home grown vegetable are the best. You'll be able to celebrate the basket of tomatoes that is soon to come.

Kat said...

Wow! Karen you look fab in your cherry dress. You're right--the print just automatically lightens and brightens one's attitude. Thanks for the collar detail, it's very interesting.