Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm Feeling . . . Vintage

So I've looked at most of the fall fashion magazines, and I'm not that impressed. I know there's some good stuff out there (I saw Carolyn's post on Michael Kors), but why didn't most of it make it into Vogue, or Elle, or Lucky?

I just finished going through the September issue of Vogue, and my favorite part (the only one that got multiple pink post-its) was the retro-1940s feature. They keep threatening to bring back the 1980s, and the only thing about 1980s fashion I liked in the 1980s was the 40s flashback part.

Pleated pants . . . nope. Never. Try again later.

But for some reason these patterns are calling me. Most of these have been aging in stash for longer than I care to admit. Most are 60s vintage, which is not my usual taste, but there are some nice details here. Surprisingly, rather than being the usual too-tiny-to-use, these patterns are actually sized for a mere mortal, a mortal with boobs bigger than mine (most are for a 39" bust). I'd rather grade down than up, and most of these aren't tremendously complicated shapes, so fingers crossed for a decent result.

Now I need to figure out where to start. Any opinions out there?


Anonymous said...

my vote is for 3245!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I vote for McCalls 7636! I know you have a piece of fabric that will make this sing!!!

Sherril said...

I love the one with the blue dress with white dots. The pockets and shawl collar are cute details. Longs sleeves are perfect for the Fall.

Cennetta said...

Nice vintage patterns. I would suggestion 2727 or 6094. All of them are pretty nice though.

McVal said...

My vote is 6094! That neckline looks intriguing!

Little Hunting Creek said...

I love 7029, but all of them are pretty.