Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Working on my black Ottobre jeans tonight, hoping to get them finished so I can add them to August's totals - and because I want to get on to the next project.

I was reminded today that I never added a pattern review for Simplicity 2724, so that's here. Much as I loved this dress when I finished it, it's just too humid in Philadelphia in summer to wear a snug-fitting totally lined dress. I would have melted, and the dress would not have been the better for it. Today the weather was in the 70s, and the dress finally came out of the closet.

Last time I posted about this one, I was still mulling over the hem length. Obviously I decided on a length, and then I hand-hemmed it, thinking that a hand sewn hem would show less on the RPL. Hah! I spent the entire day smoothing the hem, and I picked it out and ran it through the coverstitch when I got home. If I'm going to have a visible hem, it's going to look like a design element, damn it.

Also, a picture of me wearing the second, plaid version of the Fatina dress. I really like this one, and I'm still mulling over another version. I'm also mulling over another version of S 2724, with the narrow skirt this time, in black, with (yet another) print top.

But next up, hopefully, is the remake of Mario's jacket. I found a great houndstooth wool last time I was in NYC, and I found out yesterday that the drycleaner under my building actually has no problem steaming/ pressing/ shrinking fabric - and only charged me $5 for three yards of wool.


Anonymous said...

I love, no LOVE the first dress. It is soooo flattering on you! LOVE IT!!!!

Psyched about your dry cleaners, I'll send you all my wools! Just kidding. ;)

gwensews said...

That first dress is fabulous! The second one is pretty too. Enjoy wearing those great clothes in the cooler weather.

Rose said...

Great dresses! They look sooo much better with you wearing them.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

The dresses are beautiful! I love the Simplicity dress. So what are you working on this weekend?