Saturday, September 5, 2009

August: Month End Review

Let's face it, August did not start off with great promise. Not only was my first project of the month a complete and total wadder, it wasn't even for me. Therefore, someone else was following along with the project and anticipating being able to wear the jacket, which made its untimely demise even more tragic. And frustrating.

But enough about that. If that project taught me nothing else, it was to beware when I know exactly what I'm doing, because I just might not. And I bought fabric to replace the lost fabric, and it's even nicer, and I'm going to start it next. I think.

To recover from the wadder, I made myself another version of BWOF's cutaway shoulder blouse, this time in white. I only have one other white blouse in my wardrobe and I don't like it very much, so this has gotten worn a few times already.

I also used up another piece of my Liberty fabric in the Simplicity 5204 blouse, and I do plan to make a matching skirt, but haven't gotten there yet, because of Burdastyle and their lovely Fatina dress. I made two of those, and they're possibly my favorite projects for a while.

The Vogue jacket that is meant to go over the Fatina dress was NOT a favorite project, but it serves its intended purpose, so I'm okay with it.

Last but certainly not least, last night I finished another pair of Ottobre jeans, this time in black denim. These turned out the best yet. I'm really pleased. I wanted a pair of black jeans for our upcoming vacation, of which more later.

Since I was too lazy to unthread the machine, I put together a pencil skirt with the leftover pinstripe, but that's a September project.

So a strong finish from a bad start - 7 projects, 13.5 yards. Of course I also went to NY and to Jomar this month, but I think I sewed more than I bought, so hopefully stash didn't get any bigger.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I swear you are sooooooo productive that I wonder when you have time to do all the other things you do! You had a wonderful month and the Burdastyle dress is a sure winner!

Nancy K said...

I wonder how much time you spend sewing. I am never this productive. I can't even blame your superior productivity on quick and dirty sewing, because you sew with wonderful attention to detail. So. how much time do you spend sewing and doing sewing related tasks? As Carolyn said, how do you find time to work full time, work in your garden and just do general every day stuff(like cleaning and cooking)?
You really made some wonderful things this month. The two dresses especially stand out as winners.
I have a question about the Mario jacket. What went wrong with it?
I keep feeling guilty that the only thing I sew for my dh is hems and I really want to make him a sport coat, so I would love to learn from others on sewing menswear or do you have a book to recommend?

Linda L said...

Love the pinstripe dress with roses! Actually like the white blouse and the other dress as well.