Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Sewing

There's not a lot of it happening, but I have high hopes for tomorrow.

I got out of work early on Friday and headed down to 4th Street to see if I could score any more of the leather I had used on Mario's jacket (thinking I could recycle the pocket flaps if I could just get enough leather for even the upper collar), but they didn't have any more.

However, PA Fabric Outlet did have the toasty-brown herringbone shown here, which is very slowly being turned into the cute little peplum jacket from the new issue of Ottobre. Hmmm, fabric purchased and cut within a day, used for a magazine that's all of 3 days old. That's got to be a record. It's actually a poly blend, though it doesn't look or feel it, and from the little work I've done with it so far, it steams as well as the real thing.

My other purchase was something I definitely didn't need, and which will also be sewn up pretty soon, I think. Jack B's is a fabric store that I've never had much time for, because from outside and just inside, it looks like they sell mostly home dec. Except there are good garment fabrics hidden in random corners, and if you ask, they probably have what you're looking for. Kisha and I went in and she said, "Do you have any boiled wool?" and they did - in black. Gorgeous, drapy stuff that we both had to have.

Saturday was business as usual - farmer's market, gym and thrift store. They were having half price clothing, so I found a few goodies that wanted to come home with me and be refashioned into something else. More about them later.

I traced off the Ottobre jacket in between a sting in the garden and cleaning the kitchen, and I got the fabric cut on Saturday night.

Today was mandatory family cookout, which was good except it seriously cut into what I'd rather have done this weekend. And now I'm full and uncomfortable and all I managed to get done before we left today was interfacing. I tried to sew tonight, but I was too tired to get much done - I just sewed the darts in the jacket and pinned the main pieces together to try on. I love Ottobre - they fit almost without alterations.

As promised, a few buttonhole samples. Regular and keyhole done on 2 layers of pinstripe with fairly substantial interfacing, and keyhole buttonhole done on a scrap of mid-weight leather. Each buttonhole was gone over twice, to add more definition.

Did I mention that I love this thing? I can't wait for the next shirt.
So tomorrow is it. The end of my long (non) sewing weekend. I'm hoping I can sneak a few hours in the workroom in the afternoon - either to sew or to work on the renovation. It's been bugging me that I haven't worked on it lately.

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Rose said...

Karen, I love that Ottobre jacket and the fabric you chose for it! I'm looking forward to your comments about it.