Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October: Month End Review

Not a productive month. Not at all.

I can chalk a week of non-productivity up to Italy, which is a very good reason not to sew, but as for the rest of it? Bleh, I've just been unmotivated, between craziness at work and more craziness in dealing with, packing up and moving my aunt.

I finished 3 projects this month: a vest that I gave as a gift, the Simplicity lined cardigan, and a BWOF pencil skirt that I just finished hemming on Monday but decided to add to November's totals just so as not to feel totally pathetic.

The vest doesn't even count against my fabric acquisition totals, because it was refashioned from a black and white plaid skirt in the thrift store bag and a remnant of black lace. The lining fabric was even taken from the skirt, so it cost me nothing. Which is a plus in the gift-giving area, anyway.

The pencil skirt (which hasn't had its picture taken yet) is intended to be worn with a refashioned sweater that I started in October, but which isn't quite finished. The fabric was my souvenir from Carolyn's get-together last month. See, I'm still using the most recently-arrived fabrics. Go figure.

To add insult to injury, and to give me more time for sewing in my head but less time at the machine, the public transit system went on strike at 3:00 a.m. yesterday. They were all proud of themselves that they didn't strike before the World Series finished in Philadelphia; now they're only inconveniencing their regular customers instead of the ticketholders who would have found some way to make it to the World Series.

Let's just add 3 miles a day to my commute. I've tried cabbing it with a few neighbors, but it's taking well over an hour and costing way too much. Today I brought my sneakers to work.

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Nancy K said...

That really sucks. Do you have a bike? Biking 3 miles takes a lot less time than walking it.
I really love that cardigan. I don't remember if I commented when you posted it, but it is lovely. Nice idea to line it. It made me think that the wool I am going to use for my DKNY sweater coat would be more comfortable if I lined the bodice and sleeves.