Monday, January 4, 2010

Sewing Resolutions for 2010

Interestingly, I looked back at my blog to see what my 2009 resolutions were, and all I found was a recap of my 2008 resolutions, with a promise of 2009 to follow, except they never did. Was I not feeling very resolute?

What I also noticed was that several of my 2008 resolutions still hadn't been met. Sewing new curtains for the dining room and the kitchen, despite having the fabrics on hand - and actually buying replacement fabric for the kitchen curtains that I liked better back in October - had not been done. I've been letting them linger for more than 2 years why?

I don't know why. I sat down yesterday afternoon, cut into my nice new Marimekko fabric I bought in October at the Crate & Barrel outlet in North NJ, and made new kitchen curtains. 3 windows and a valance. In an afternoon. It took me 2 years why?

Other than that, I seem like I'm sticking pretty well to the goals I set for myself 2 years ago: I've sewn a LOT of stash. I added up my purchases and yards sewn for 2009, and I came pretty close to parity - yards in, 151.5; yards out 148.75. Of course, that doesn't include the scrap fest which was sewing for the craft show, and it doesn't count all the refashioned/recycled projects for the year. If they'd been "real fabric" (cuts of at least 1/2 yard), I could have counted them.

And the last 11 yards of fabric I purchased are actually for next year's craft show items, so I'm debating whether I should subtract them from my totals because they were bought with craft show proceeds, not my sewing budget, and for the specific purpose of selling next year. I really only consider it stash when it's fabric that calls to me. That would take my yards in down to 140.5, which I think sounds a lot better.

I've also done a bit of sewing with the "good" fabric this year. I think I'm finally over buying good fabric and not using it. Buying good fabric and holding on to it until the right project comes along is one thing, but not holding onto it forever. There IS a right project out there, and I can find it, if I try. Quite a bit of fabric this year has come in and gone right back out, which makes me happy in one sense but worried about the elderly stash in another.

So the resolutions for 2010 are:

1. Make those damn curtains for the dining room! I'm not going to give myself a goal of doing it in January, but by spring, at the latest.

2. The welt pocket thing. Why do I have such a mental block about them? I have some nice wool scraps. Fear not the pocket.

3. Continue to sew stash. Look through it again with an eye toward sewing up some of the stuff that's been sitting the longest. If I loved it enough to buy it, then I should sew it. If not, then it goes into the giveaway bag.

4. The giveaway bag. Decide what to do with the contents of same.

5. Pattern magazines. I almost gave my up BWOF subscription because they haven't been exciting for the last several months, but at the last minute I caved and renewed. Sew more from my BWOF (or whatever it's called these days), and from the few La Mia Boutique, Ottobre and Patrones magazines I have.

6. Downloaded patterns. I have quite a few Burdastyle and Hotpatterns that I've downloaded. I don't actually mind taping them together, I just haven't gotten around to it. But there are some cute patterns there, and some of them I've even paid for. Tape while watching TV with Mario. I can call it spending quality time.

7. Neatness counts. Keep the workroom at least semi-neat. I made a lot of upgrades this year - added the larger table, good lighting and the new counter space. I have two small dressers with labeled drawers for specific things. I have 2 shelving units and a stash closet. There's absolutely no reason why the room should look like a trash heap half the time. The stuff all has places; try at least once a week to put it in those places.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new curtains. very cute and bistro-esque. That is so funny that you didn't have any 2009 resolutions.

Elaray said...

Did you say "I almost gave up by BWOF subscription"?!?!? Go wash your mouth out with soap, young lady!!!!

And you're right about the welt pockets - there is nothing to fear. I conquered them and if I can, anybody can.

meredithp said...

I love your resolutions. I think the trick with welt pockets or bound buttonholes is to make a bunch of them (samples) all at one sitting, so you are totally comfortable. Have I done that, you ask? Of course not. I too am fearful, but it sounds very good in theory. A good plan in fact, after I clean up my sewing room and keep it that way. :-)

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Love those orange curtains! I have found the past several months of BWOF very meh. My subscription doesn't expire until July, but if they don't step it up they're in danger of losing my business.

I purged my giveaway fabrics (finally!) last year. It felt good. But I know I was not strict enough with myself and there is still too much on the shelves I won't ever sew. Must work myself up to doing it again.

luckylibbet said...

CONQUER WELT POCKETS! They are NOT difficult, it's all in your head.. Go to the Fashion-Incubator tutorials for guidance and you will never look back.