Saturday, February 6, 2010

January: Month End Review

January was a busy sewing month. It was also the first month in probably a year where I ended up with UFOs at the end. I will try to remedy those by the end of this snowy, sewing weekend.

Counting the UFOs, I made 9 projects and used 12.75 yards of fabric.

This of course doesn't count the fabric for the blue dress, which was provided to me by the costumer, other than a half yard of denim used for the structure of the bodice.

And one of the projects was the welt pocket samples, and they used next to nothing. But every scrap counts when you're trying to reduce stash.

My favorite project of the month was BWOF 4/08 twist top. I've worn it a few times now, love how it feels and always get complimented on it.
I also used ny favorite KS 3338 to make a classic short sleeve tee and one with flounced sleeves. Useful tops, and sometimes a quick tee is just what you need to clear your head.

The prize for most useful - and long-awaited - project goes to my new kitchen curtains. The kitchen has been a work in progress for the almost 9 years I've owned the house, and pretty curtains at the windows makes me feel like it's almost done.

Making the kitchen curtains also made me frame out the window over the kitchen sink (the trim wood has been on standby for about 5 years), patch the paint from the cabinet installation 2 years ago, and do some touch-up painting. Ah, the magic of sewing.

Then there are the three UFO dresses: the sausage dress, which is going to a friend (and therefore I have no motivation to finish it quickly); a black version of the BWOF 5/08 drape front dress that I ran out of time to finish (and therefore have no motivation to finish now); and a raglan sleeve dress drafted from a favorite sweater that looked vaguely frumpy and I haven't quite figured out how to solve that.

We got a foot of snow between last night and today, so guess what I'm going to do? Yep - sew!!!

And do lots of laundry, and makes scones with the dried cranberries I got at the farmer's market, and take pictures of each of my aunt's hats because I've decided to set up shop on Etsy and see if anyone wants to subsidize my fabric habit by buying them.

I'll let you all know when they're up.


Home's Jewels said...

Ok, I am absolutely coveting the fabric on the last top at the bottom of your post. Do you remember where you got it? I love the colors - my husband said it is "me" lol.

Nancy K said...

Considering how the 'blue dress' dominated your posts, I'm impressed that you got some sewing in for yourself too.
What number is the Burda top?

Unknown said...

Wow, that is some motivation and productivity! 9 items and 13 yards... nice work!

Manitoulin Threads said...

I love your latest you know the fabric source for the Kwik sew tee? I adore it and am dying to find some.