Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

It snowed. I had lots and lots of unfilled time. So why was hardly any sewing accomplished?

I was looking forward to the snow for that reason alone.

But there was laundry to be done, scones to be baked, half-price sales at the thrift shop, snow to shovel, dinners to cook and eat, naps to take, books to read . . . I guess that's where the weekend went.

Plus this afternoon I pulled out my display head and a couple of wigs and started photographing the hats. Not only do I have Betty's hats, but as I got into the idea, I remembered there were hat boxes in the attic that had belonged to the former owner's aunts.

Jackpot again!

Of course I only got 11 hats photographed before the camera battery died, so no listing has happened yet, but I've posted a sneak peek or two here just because nothing else photo-worthy happened (except the snow, so okay, I'll add one of those, too).

The other noteworthy part of the weekend - we got an offer on my aunt's house already! It's only been listed for a week! It's an investor that's buying it, so while fingers are crossed for the home inspection, if they do this for a living, I don't think there's much they're going to find that they can't cope with.

Getting that sold will be a huge weight off my aunt, and therefore off of me.


Little Hunting Creek said...

I hope they buy the house. Fingers are crossed. I love teh hats. We needto wear hats again, but I think we've lost the knack. I like hats. We're snowed in here with more on the way. I didn't sew much because I was baking bread and pie and otherwise goofing off

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

I didn't sew much either. Who knows why. I did just finish a dress, finally. Super easy dress yet it took me all weekend.

Linda said...

Karen, your Aunt's slip arrived today! It's lovely, and the sweet embroidered handkerchief that you included was a very nice surprise. My daughter is not home from work yet, but I know she'll love it! No luck in getting to fabric row on Saturday due to the snowmageddon...I hit up the local JoAnn's but no luck with fabric for her dresses. Looking for something along the lines of a rayon challis or crepe. I have free time tomorrow, and hope maybe she can get out of work a little early.If not, we'll have to postpone the fabric hunt til Saturday what with the big snow on the way AGAIN :(

gwensews said...

Your hats are awesome! I hope you wear one, now and then with an appropriate retro outfit.