Sunday, February 28, 2010

McCall 5522 is history

And I like it again, so hallelujah for that.

I think I just spent too much time on it was wasn't able to see it clearly because of that.

There are still things I'm not thrilled with, aspects of the top I'll change next time, but this is a definite keeper after all. Thank you all for your encouragement with this one.

The full review is here, but there are a few things I'd like to point out.

1. Sleeve cap ease is, indeed, a load of crap. I took all the excess out of the sleeves so that I could get the plaid to line up properly - as it would in a man's shirt, which would also be easier to sew - and surprise, it worked. The plaid isn't perfect, but it's close enough that I'm going to call it that and try harder next time.

2. The collar band on this shirt is ginormous. I said it before, but now that I'm done, I'll say it again. Freaking ginormous. My neck isn't skinny by any means, but it makes it look that way. And since I just got all my hair cut off, I have no interest in looking like a Q-tip.

3. When sewing give you lemons, make lemonade. I wasn't thrilled with the ruffle and the collar band was oversized. Hmmm. What if I fold back the collar band over the top of the ruffles? It'll anchor the ruffle and keep it from pouffing too much, and I won't notice that it's oversized.

Note to self: fix that next time.

4. I'm biased. Not only the ruffle, but the upper collar band and the outer cuffs, were cut on the bias. I really thought it would make the ruffle lay better and also since there was no way to completely match it all the way down (and would that even look good, merging into the pattern but adding that extra bulk on the front?). My other motive there was that since it was a single ruffle (not cut on fold or sewn together), McCalls wanted a teeny-tiny hem along the edge. I didn't want any visible topstitching on this to detract from its already overwhelming plaid-ness. At least cut on the bias it's not likely to fray, and if it does, it won't be as noticeable as a straight-grain fray and I can tidy it up.

Glad to be back to sewing and enjoying it again. I hardly got to work on this all week long, and I'm beginning to think maybe I left my mojo at my aunt's house last week when we picked up some stuff. Yesterday was my last trip up to the duplex, which goes to settlement on Thursday. I convinced a thrift store to come pick up the saleable furniture, and hopefully some of the random other junk that was left. I got there at 2:30; they got there at nearly 5:00 p.m. So as I stewed and paced and grumbled about wasting my entire Saturday, I could feel my mojo returning like Peter Pan's shadow.

Somebody pin it down before it escapes again!

After the furniture pickup, I made a brief stop at my aunt's apartment to pick up the utility bills that I have to take care of shutting off. My aunt is understandably nervous about the settlement, and about the house falling apart prior to then (it could happen), but she's decided that all this has become my fault and she's done nothing bit accuse me of ruining her life, putting her in a nursing home (which it's not) and being the realtor's accomplice in fleecing her, a poor, helpless little old lady, out of her life savings.

Honestly, she's the only person who makes me yell when I'm mad. Normally when I get angry, I get quiet. Or snarky. Or sarcastic. Betty makes me yell. And then when I yell at her, she tells me I sound just like my mother, who always yelled at her, and that just makes me madder.

Once Thursday is over, I think we need a little vacation from each other. It'll be nice to just go up and visit her as an elderly relative who needs company, instead of the great black hole of need who sucks up all my free time for weeks on end and then tells me I don't do anything for her. Just a little break.

That will be good.

Back to the sewing room. The Colette Patterns Sencha blouse is on the table, and so far, so good.


laura said...

If it helps any, as I'm typing this, I'm sticking my tongue out at your Aunt Betty! Don't let her bother you too much, she doesn't have anyone else to take her frustrations out on, and I'm sure your next visit will be much more pleasant.

KID, MD said...

Sorry your aunt is being such a grouch, especially considering all you are doing for her. I'm glad you are liking that blouse again. It deserves the love! Can't wait to see the Sencha!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! I would love it even better if you'd taken a picture of it on you. I wanna see your hair!!!

Vicki said...

Sigh, you have had it tough! Well at least you know how much you have helped. BTW, the blouse is lovely - can't wait to see what you team it with ;)

gwensews said...

Your bloude turned out great. The color must look terrific on you. And, older people get cranky. It's not personal.

Little Hunting Creek said...

Oh family - how well I know - I feel your pain. That's a beautiful blouse and I'm glad that you finished.
I want to make the Sencha blouse too. I look forward to seeing yours

Nancy K said...

She is a frightened old woman, and I would bet that there is a bit of dementia there as well. It sounds like stories I've heard from my friend whose father had Alzheimers. I am sorry that you are getting the brunt of her bad behavior though.
The blouse, on the other hand looks great. Did you remove all the ease in the cap? I know that a typical man's shirt doesn't have any, but don't they usually have a much flatter cap? My impression about ease is that especially in a jacket that it gives loft to the cap, of course, not really what you want in a blouse.

Rose said...

Congratulations on making a beautiful blouse! I'm reading your details with interest as I'm planning on making this blouse in the near future!! After your time-consuming hard work, I'm sorry that you are the target of your Aunt's frustration. I've heard that age and stress will do that. Plus, people typically take it out on the people that they love the most.