Monday, February 22, 2010

Soon it will be done

This really isn't coming along as quickly as I would like. Last night I did all the hand-sewing (which I don't mind, though it does eat time). Hand-sewing was required on the back of the front bands, the inside collar band and it will be required on the underside of the cuffs, once I get them attached later tonight.

I'm sticking with my mostly on-grain, occasionally bias layout - the cuffs are on the bias, as is the collar band, which I think looks pretty good.

For anyone making this shirt, the collar band is GINORMOUS. As in, my neck's not that big. For the band collar shirt that I'm making, it's fine. If I was sewing the collar, and especially if I planned to button it, this would be a problem.

What I'm finding interesting, although a little distressing, is that I am no longer totally in love with the ruffles. Now that, of course, they're sewn on, the front bands are sewn on, and the front bands are hand sewn down from the underside. Of course now is when I decide I don't love them anymore.

But I couldn't take them off anyway, because then the front band wouldn't match, and I don't have enough fabric (unless I tried to cannibalize the bias ruffle) to make a bias band instead.

Leave it alone. It'll be fine. It's orange plaid; it's not like I'm going to wear it every day, anyway.

And as a partial save, I actually like it as pictured right, with the collar band opened out and covering the top of the ruffles.

If I can get up the energy to go in tonight and work on it, I'll finish the cuffs and maybe mark the buttonholes. And try out a few buttonholes on scrap to see what size buttonhole I need to make to accommodate those long narrow dark buttons I decided to use (with a lot of support from you all).

On other fronts, can I get a hallelujah? My aunt's duplex has sold ALREADY, and goes to settlement in the beginning of March. Now all I need to do is keep my fingers crossed that the snow doesn't make the roof cave in before it becomes someone else's responsibility.

Also, I went to the opening of my friend's play on Friday night, and it was really good. The dress looked much better than anticipated under the lights and I was able to let it go, watch the play and enjoy the performances without spending all my time obsessing. So it must have worked.

I've been told what the next play is going to be, and the theme for the costumes. Not for publication just yet, but I think I'm going to enjoy that one.


KID, MD said...

I'm sorry you aren't liking it right now, but I have a solution. Pack it up and send it to me!! I love it!!

Lisette M said...

Well, I still like it and I think you will too, you just have been looking at it for too long, like me and my coat...

Little Hunting Creek said...

I like the ruffles - I think you are just tired of looking at it. Shirts take a long time to finish. After you are done you'll love them again. I think it is very happy and cheerful

Rose said...

Karen, I believe that you are not appreciating your own good work. I suspect it will be like the cherry dress that you did. Probably,once it is finished and the compliments start coming, you'll love it. I think the shirt looks fabulous. Thanks for the info on the neckband. I have a small neck and plan to make this blouse soon. I don't need a "ginormous" neckband!

gwensews said...

You'll like the shirt again. You've just spent a lot of time with it. When you pair it with pants or a skirt, you'll enjoy wear it. Ot, send it to Katie!

meredithp said...

As you say, it's an orange plaid shirt. You won't even wear it every week, so you'll warm up to it. ;-)

Holy cow, can't believe your Aunt's house sold already! That's wonderful. I'm going to have to go back and research what you did to it. My family has some real estate in Florida we'll be listing...I'm not expecting such quick results.

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

What great news on the duplex! Fingers are crossed. Hopefully you'll fall back in love with the project when it is not taking up so much of your time.

Dana said...

Amen sister and I love the ruffles!