Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Finished Shirt

While I wait for the AC to rev up and cool off the sewing room, I'll bring you all up to date on Mario's shirt.

I finally pinned him down yesterday to put it on so I could take photos, but as you can see, I was only partly successful. I got it on him, but I couldn't get him to tuck it in or put a belt on . . . because it was too hot! Waaaaah.

Though somehow I got him into the Christmas jacket. Go figure.

One thing I'm not loving about the shirt is the fabric. The color is fabulous, and I think it looks great on him, but it's made from kona cotton from Joann's, which is a little heavier and way wrinklier than the shirting fabrics I've used before. Actually Beckenstein's in NYC has shirting in this exact color that I've been lusting after for years, but I never thought I'd get him into a purple shirt.

Again, go figure.

Because it was hot, the shirt stuck to him a little bit. It does lay flatter when he's not sweaty, though there seems to be a bit of extra fabric in the front at the armhole. Apparently I need to study the shape of his Italian shirt a little more to get rid of that.

Next time.

I almost ended up taking the shirt apart this weekend - as I was sewing the buttons on the other day, I realized that I'd somehow set the collar just a little off center. It's not noticeable with it buttoned and when he's wearing a tie, but when I put the two edges of the collar band together, there was about a 1/8" difference as to where the collar itself started.

I really did consider picking the topstitching off the top of the collar band and then easing the collar out and adjusting it. First I thought about removing the entire collar band, making a new one and doing the whole thing over again, but I'd already clipped the seam allowance of the neck and I hated giving up the collar band buttonhole.

So I sewed the button on the collar band and got my semi-willing victim (he did not want to hear anything about his new shirt being taken apart). Seeing it on him, as opposed to on my dress form or flat on the table, the discrepancy was much less noticeable, and once he put a tie on, it was barely there at all.

He's not much of a tie-wearer, but I made this shirt so he'd have something plain to wear under his good jacket, and that would work with his ties, none of which are plain colored either. So since he'll more or less always be tied in this one, I decided to let it go and call it finished.

This is at least my 10th shirt, and it's the first time this has ever happened. Not sure if it was because of the slightly different collar I used (though that shouldn't have made a difference) or if I've just made this pattern so many times I stopped paying close attention.

Either way, it's done, he's happy, and I'll live with it - until I get to Beckenstein's one of these days and buy some more vibrant violet shirting for when this one inevitably starts to show its age.


SewRuthie said...

Very nice shirt!

Rebecca said...

I love purple on men! If only my BF would wear purple. Great job on the shirt! I wouldn't have even noticed the collar if you hadn't said anything:)

Anonymous said...

Me too, I love purple on guys too. The shirt looks great on Mario. Heck anything would look good on him. You definitely cannot notice the collar thing at all. Great work!

Lisette M said...

Great color for him! I couldn't notice anything on the collar...

Elaray said...

Thast is a great color on Mario. And I like the first tie. Have you tried that store on 5th and Monroe for shirt fabrics? I can't think of the name of it now, but there aren't many fabric stores on 5th. It's right on the corner. They sell mainly menswear fabrics so you might find something for another jacket!

Sheila said...

The shirt looks good on him and love the color.

Anonymous said...

Love the color, it really looks good on him. Also, thumbs up for the floral tie. Not sure if it works with that suit jacket, maybe it's the color, or likely more to do with the pattern (or could be the photo)(?). I'd say a summer tan/khaki, lighter weight jacket might work(?) But it turned out really well.

Anonymous said...

Great shirt, and that guy is absolutely adorable.