Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Month End Review - June 2010

June was productive.

What June was, mostly, though, was hot. And heat makes me retreat to the sewing room, where the air conditioning is.

June also had a few empty spots, which I filled with craft show sewing. Because I'd been neglecting that lately and I need more stock if I'm going to participate again this year, which I am.

So the highlights for June are here - the Chocolate Swirl dress, on me (headless, of course). I wanted to wear it yesterday, but yesterday was 95 and tropically humid, and even though the dress is lined and I know that linen wrinkles, I really didn't feel like looking like a crumpled tissue. Today the temperature dropped back to June, so it went out for a test drive.

I like it.

Another project for June is another version of New Look 6429 in a completely atypical print. When was the last time you've seen me in bright pink? With purple? Photo to follow soon, hopefully. Had a little difficulty with the neckline facing on that dress, which is annoying since I've made it twice before, but every once in a while a familiar pattern throws you a new curve ball. I got it to the wearable point, but I might pick the neckline out again and redo it.

Then again, I might not. It all depends on how I'm feeling about it the next time I put it on.

Mario's shirt is one of my favorite projects in recent memory, (a) because I like making shirts, and (b) because of the color. I like the contrast fabric I used on this project, and I think even though it gave me a few problems, it came out well. Going by his reaction, it's one of the best things I've ever made him.

The craft show sewing consisted of 14 pieces. Yes. 14. I bought an embroidered brocade gown at the thrift store recently, thinking I could cut it up into a few of the small bags I made last year. It stretched to 11 bags. Can I tell you just how sick I was of that fabric by the time I was done? On the other hand, the cost of materials for each bag, including fabric, lining and zipper, was about $1.00 apiece, so I can't argue with that.

Lastly (or actually firstly, since I think it was the earliest project of the month) was the Burda pencil skirt in the stretch black with eyelet border. I've worn this a few times already and can see it becoming a summer favorite.

Once again, I have no specific "next project" lined up, which means I should either trace or do craft show sewing, but neither of those things is how I want to spend my upcoming holiday weekend, so I'd better come up with something in a hurry.


Lisette M said...

The chocolate swirl dress fits you great!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I can't believe you waited until almost the end of June to turn your ac on...I would have been a chocolate swirl if I had waited that long! *LOL*

You had a good month with several memorable pieces!!!

Cennetta said...

Beautiful review of your fine work. The black and white is my favorite.

Michelle said...

Your dresses turned out great, and the shirt you made reminds me that I owe my husband another dress shirt. It is funny that you go to your sewing room when it is hot...I avoid mine. It is at the front of the second floor, that gets the most sun, so it is always hot in there in the summer, even with the central air running!

Clare said...

i really like the dress, it fits you really well.