Monday, August 2, 2010

July: Month End Review

Considering the number of unbearably hot days this month (worse in the workroom than anywhere else, even with AC) and the fact that I had a houseguest who distracted me from the act of sewing, if not from talking about it, a total of 5 pieces for July isn't too bad!

This month marked my first attempt at the Jalie 2908 jean, an attempt that will definitely be repeated because these will get some wear if and when it's ever cool enough to wear jeans again. I've got some stretch khaki in the stash, though, and I'm thinking about doing a pair in that because I need a pair of casual work pants and I can improve on the jeans with a better fly front zipper this time. And I still want to try them in non-stretch denim as well.

I also made the purple ladybug baby dress for my expecting friends, and have promised another dress for the upcoming baby shower. I haven't figured out which pattern I'm going to use yet, but it's got to be in a 6 month size because it's going to be her first Easter dress.

In the true experimental sewing category, I finished my first ever strapless dress for myself (proper review to follow). Now it just needs a matching shrug or jacket because it's not going to get a lot of wear as is.

But as experiments go, it was pretty successful.

In other words, I haven't fallen out of it.

Last but not least, I made 2 versions of one of my favorite dresses, BWOF 5/09 #113. The striped dress came out well, considering how it fought me, but the piped floral version that I just finished will definitely make it onto my year-end review as one of my favorite pieces for 2010. I LOVE that dress, but I think I'm going to retire the pattern for a while.

I also put together 6 beaded velvet scarves for the Christmas craft show, but those are just busywork for watching TV and don't count too much as "real" sewing.


Nancy K said...

I love the dress, but can you check the number as I can't find it in my archives?

Rose said...

You had an impressive month, Karen. I especially like the strapless experimental dress. Of course, jeans are great wardrobe items and both versions of the "favorite dress" are great.

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

You made three amazing dresses last month! I'm not sure you should retire that Burda dress just yet...I think just one more should be made up in a summer color before you start fall sewing! C'mon, I know you have the fabric! :)

SEWN said...

You got a lot done despite the heat. I LOVE LOVE the strapless dress. LOVE IT!

TE said...

YOU, Karen, YOU look FANTASTIC. So do the projects.