Sunday, August 22, 2010

Updates, Shopping and some Enabling

I know I've been MIA for a bit, but I think I'm back now.

Sometime last week, while working on the gray pinstriped ruffled skirt project, I decided that it would be fabulous if I could finish it - and the matching jacket - in time to enter the outfit in the Natural Fibers Contest for the American Sewing Expo in Novi in September. Entries were due by midnight on Sunday.

Of course, when I decided this, I hadn't forgotten we were going away for the weekend, but I believed that I could do all the necessary hand-sewing while riding in the car. Then all I would have to do on Sunday evening when we got home would be to make the buttonholes and sew on the buttons, get cleaned up and get pictures taken, uploaded and entered. Right.

I really thought I could hand sew the lining into the jacket in the car. Or that I'd have time at night after spending Saturday afternoon and evening with my upstate NY relatives, who I haven't seen in years. Somehow sitting around a bonfire, drinking and talking and watching shooting stars was more interesting.

Even the getting cleaned up and getting photos taken part wouldn't have worked. When reality hit, somewhere around 5:00 p.m. when we were sitting in traffic on the PA Turnpike, I gave up nicely and then didn't get around to finishing things until Thursday of this week. Why miss a deadline by 10 minutes?

Done now, still need photos taken.

Yesterday was half price day at the thrift store, my favorite time. I also hit the local flea market in the morning and got this great set of vintage pink and white sheets (that want to become a shirt using the contrasting pink edging for cuffs and collar) and 10 rolls of rayon seam binding. The seam binding was 50 cents a roll and the sheets were $1 per. Not bad.

At the thrift store, I accumulated two tshirts - one with a fabulous Peter Max print, the other an old Gloria Vanderbilt with a Philadelphia themed print. Both of these are going to be turned into different tshirts. Ones that fit me, first of all. The Max shirt is a size 4, which looks more like a size 0. Honestly, if it was a little more kid-friendly, I'd cut it up into the world's funkiest onesie for my pregnant friends.

At the bottom are more supplies for craft show bags - a size 4XL faux-suede long skirt, and two silk quilted jackets, both with minor damage. No qualms at all about cutting them up.

In the enabling department, at the back of the store are small appliances and random other goodies. Yesterday's goodies included a Singer Touch-n-Sew in pretty nice condition, for only $29. I didn't need this machine, but I wanted it. I wanted it to not be in the store, to be with someone who would appreciate its tank-like awesomeness. I called a friend, because I remembered she needed a backup machine. She still needed the machine, and was at my house in under 30 minutes, and went happily home with her new acquisition sitting snugly in the back seat.

Right now I'm sitting, listening to it rain, and feeling quite smug becuase (a) the tomatoes are getting watered, and not by me, and (b) it doesn't appear to be raining at all in the dining room, so maybe the roofer got all the leaks after all.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I'm seriously turning green with envy here at your flea market finds. Rayon seam binding for 50 cents a roll! Really? Really? And then sheets that will probably make the coolest shirt ever! Oh, I have to go lay down now because I just can't take the flea market goodness! :)

Elaray said...

Some people have great luck at flea markets and thrift stores. Not me - unless a friend calls me when she finds a great sewing machine bargain. Thanks!!!

Linda L said...

Great thrift store finds! I never seem to get that lucky.

Connie said...

Look at your finds!!! I like the funky onsie thought too. I wish you had finished the outfit, then I could have made you come to Novi!

Pam Erny said...

Oh Karen...I am so green with envy, you lucky girl :)

meredithp said...

Nice finds! I guess I'd have to go to the thrift store first, to actually get finds, huh? And not raining in the dining room is always a good thing. Fingers crossed for you. :-)

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Can't wait to see the suit!!!! I am sure the skirt is to die for. Great finds!

Audrey said...

I love good thrift store finds and you got some nice ones.