Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Month End Review - September 2010

Talk about productive; talk about mostly uninteresting. September was an all time high of 25 items sewn, however, most of them (20 of them) were for the upcoming craft show and therefore while they count as sewing, they don't really register with me as interesting sewing. Once I developed those patterns, I lost interest and just go on auto-sew. Which at least makes the repetition go faster.

In the interesting-sewing category, I made 2 more of the BWOF 9/10 turtleneck, one in a charcoal gray with black and white stripes and also a sleeveless version in black rib knit. Quick and very, very useful. The black would have had sleeves except after cutting out the front and back, I realized I only had scraps of fabric left. But this is actually good because it will go under a lot of my heavier jackets and I won't melt at the office.

I made myself a pair of black TNT pants after chucking the old ones. These had a longer inseam, for heels and boots. Now I need to make a shorter pair, for the days I wear flats or low heels. For you lucky tall people, a long inseam for me is 31". The second pair will be 29.5". Funny, I feel like my legs are longer than that.

Last, and smallest, but certainly not least, is the pink velvet baby dress and matching bonnet. We're going down on Sunday to visit parents and baby, and I can't wait. I don't have any siblings, but these friends are close enough that I'm going to get to be Auntie Karen once the little widget can talk.

Now I'm just basking in the (relative) tidiness of my workroom and trying to figure out what, if anything, I need to make prior to our vacation. I can go to Europe for a week with less clothes than some women take for a long weekend, so I think I'm probably good. Which does not mean I won't be making something new to wear the night before we leave. for Belgium.


Gail said...

The baby dress is absolutely beautiful. Have a lovely time in Europe.

SewRuthie said...

wow very productive. I need to make plain black pants too but I can't bring myself to do it as they are just so boring.

Lisette M said...

Belgium! How wonderful. We are a very light packing family; we usually pack one big bag and a carry on for the four of us when we go on family trips.

gwensews said...

Have a great vaca. I love the skirt in your last post!