Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Here it is

The BWOF 1/2008 #127 jacket on me, for those who need proof that I actually wear the stuff that I spend most of my free time sewing!

I wore it to work Monday, and I love it! I admit to spending a good part of my day petting the leather cuffs, and dropping things into my fully-functioning welt pockets.

I had a bad case of the unbearables, but it's beginning to wear off now.

Even the best case of unbearable can't last forever, not when you come cut out a bunch of projects for obligatory craft show sewing, and what does your ungrateful (tired?) wretch of a sewing machine do?

It wheezes, pulls briefly to the left like a balk supermarket shopping cart, and slows to a sludgy crawl. Grr. I open her up, pull out the bobbin case, blow a small cat worth of fluff and rubble fromthe inside, reassemble, try again, and about 3 inches later, the same thing happens.

Apparently I'm meant to take a break.

Whether I want one or not.

Ask me if I want a break.

I dare you.


Lisette M said...

It really looks great Karen, very nice fit. Sorry about your sewing machine...

Lori said...

Your jacket looks incredible. Great job on all the details. Sorry about your machine.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done, Karen. Perfect fit too. Let me know if you need to borrow a 1941 Singer.

Elaray said...

Karen, the jacket looks fantastic.

Green Wilma is available, if you need her.

Angela said...

Your jacket is beautiful on you! I would be "petting" the leather all day, too! :)

Sigrid said...

Beautiful jacket.

Sheila said...

The jacket looks great on you.... awesome job.

Cennetta said...

Karen, Your jacket is outstanding! Sharp! Sharp!