Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It's Mr. White, in the sewing room, with the pinking shears.

Meet my loaner machine, until the babies come home from the repair shop. He's a White 1523 "Blue Jeans Machine", he seems nice and sturdy and uncomplicated, and he's mine for another day or so. Apparently I did something complicated and unpleasant to the Singer.

Jack, my so charming repair man, suggested I might like a workhorse like this as my backup backup machine. I'm not acquainted enough yet to have an opinion.

Any of you out there have this machine, or a similar one, and want to give me a thumbs up (or down)?


Pam said...

My roommate in the mid-90s had a white that was a workhorse and amazingly quiet compared to my singer back then.

Since then I'm not sure but I'm interested to hear your opinion of it. When I bought my Janome I was really looking for a nice White but couldn't find one near where I live (which is ridiculous because I live less than an hour from Los Angeles), but true.

Elaray said...

Is this the same repair man from whom I obtained Green Wilma? He always seems to have extra machines on hand. I like that in him!

Bunny said...

Gotta have a heavy workhorse backup. Why not this one?

Kitty Couture said...

So sorry about the Singer! Hope it comes home soon.

Dawn said...

Loved the 'clue'! I needed the laugh this morning.
And sorry about the machine- glad you got a replacement! (I'm reading backwards...)