Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So far, so good

Mr. White has settled in and is sewing along quite nicely, but he has his limitations. Like my invisible zipper foot (snap on) doesn't fit. So then neither will any of my other (snap on) feet. And I could just swap out the entire shank from my other machine . . . if I had my other machine.

I spoke to Jack today, and the Singer is still in pieces all over his table. He told me he hopes I'm a better mother to my cats than my machines; don't wait until it gets sick to have it checked out.

Apparently, using the machine every day might tire it out and cause it to want a Florida vacation. Go figure.

Come home soon, babies.

1 comment:

Anne L said...

What a hurtful remark! As if you do not care for your machines...!