Sunday, February 27, 2011

Little things (and a dress)

I woke up to sunshine and not freezing temperatures this a.m., and surprisingly both my energy and my mojo were sitting there waiting for me, tapping their tiny feet.

After giving the cats their breakfast (priority), I went across the street to the coffee shop for mine. Have I mentioned I love my neighborhood? We went there yesterday, and the barista, when told that we were going to Paris later this year, played 3 versions back-to-back of La Vie en Rose - Edith Piaf, of course, then Louis Armstrong, and then . . . Grace Jones. Who knew Grace Jones covered that song, and that it was fabulous? (It's on Youtube if you feel an urge to look it up.)

Yesterday I did a little work in the back garden, more cleanup that was left undone, some pruning of the roses (they got hit hard with the wind this year, but it's actually good because I don't prune as hard as I should and this forced me to really cut them back had). Mario witnessed my dance of absolute gardener glee when I moved a pile of debris and uncovered the almost iridescent green tips of the first hyacinths. Little things, that's what makes a day.

Since today was warmer, I obeyed the call of the garden before the call of the workroom - I can sew in the dark, but my outdoor lighting isn't really good enough for night gardening. I filled all the composters to the brim with kitchen scraps (sitting outside in cat litter buckets waiting for the composters to be uncovered), turning over the soil for the first time in what will be the early salad bed, and more general cleanup.

This should have kicked my ass, and it did, but in a backward sort of way because I came inside and after scrubbing the dirt off, I went right into the workroom and got the zipper installed in my new spring/summer dress, BWOF 2/2011 #101. I had a litle issue with the skirt lining (no lining fabric and no patience to wait until I got any), but I cut up an old slip of my great aunt's and made do, and now I have a dress ready to show off, if not ready to wear anytime soon. Full patternreview here.

A 55 degree Sunday does not make for sleeveless dress weather, no matter how I feel when I'm outside with my hands in the dirt. Must remember that.


gwensews said...

You have an early start on all things spring--cooking, gardening, clothing. Your dress is very lovely, feminine.

Andrea said...

I got to see this number in person today, and let me tell you first hand, you rocked it. You were a breath of fresh air in this dank nasty winter that we've been having.

SEWN said...

Love the dress. Can you send that spring feeling over here please?

Kitty Couture said...

Your dress is adorable!
I suggest you move to Languedoc so you get a chance to wear it in about a month :)