Monday, February 28, 2011

Month End Review - February 2011

February was the month of the cranky, unmotivated sewist. According to my handy-dandy spreadsheet, I started 5 different items in February. I finished 2. Out of other 3, 2 are still viable, and one was somewhere between an experiment and a wadder. I will call it failure of fabric to behave as expected, making me cranky and throwing me off into another project.

The baby dress is done all but the hem/trim. Which is why it's not done - I haven't decided if I'm hemming or trimming. When I decide, I'll call it finished.

The other UFO is a sleeveless dress, so no real rush, but that got put aside because I misplaced my silk organza squares I was using to make the welts/openings, of which there are a few. (Sounds strange, but I'm looking forward to proving its not. When I find the stinking organza).

But in the finished category, I have the black/white/gray chenille cropped sweater, which I'm quite happy with, and the BWOF 2/2011 #101 sleeveless dress, which I actually wore to work on today with a matching blue cardi that I forgot I owned. The cardi actually pre-dates the fabric, but it shows that at least I'm consistent in my colors.

This week may not contain a lot of sewing, but I'm going in and tearing up the workroom until I find the missing organza, and the pieces of the unfinished dress.

I hate UFOs. I won the UFO contest on Patternreview in 2007, and I think the embarrassment of having that many scarred me for life.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, that is definitely the kind of contest you don't want to win. I bet it was motivating though :). Your life is busy so you should be proud of finishing the two garments.

SEWN said...

Gorgeous dress!!! Is that moire fabric?

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Hey, it's a short month. Blame it on the missing few days! My output has slowed a bit too, I've been cleaning instead of sewing. The horror!!!!