Friday, February 18, 2011

Off the shelf, into the closet

See, I've been sewing - a little, anyway.

This wasn't anything in the way of a complicated project, but my mind can't handle complicated right now. It's barely stringing two sewing thoughts together, so this seemed like the perfect time to try this cute shrug from Tanit-Isis. She made a pattern from a vintage sweater recently and was kind enough to post the pattern on her blog, here.

Not always a big fan of tape-together patterns, but honestly, this was only 9 pieces of paper. Even on my worst day, I can do that, right? Apparently I can.

I used a black, white and gray chenille-ish sweater knit from Emma One Sock that I've had for probably 2 years. I only bought a yard because it was expensive, and then when I got it, I realized that a yard really wasn't enough to do what I had in mind, so it went on the shelf.

Now it's off the shelf, out of the stash, and I have a cute little sweater to wear to work. This falls into that category of patterns that looks more complicated than it is - actually it's one big piece, cut on the fold and sewn up under the arms, and the leftover scraps are used for the sleeve and front bands.

The pattern is one-size only (I think it's a 36), but because of the shape it would be easy to grade up or down - I took it up to a 38 without any issues. I finished the whole thing in an evening, with time for TV and cat-napping on the couch with cats. Works for me.

Go visit Tanit-Isis. Download her sweater pattern. Say thank you.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I'm going to try to jump-start the mojo, even though what it really wants to do is go out and play in the mud, or play in the kitchen, or do something - anything - other than what I normally want to do more than anything.


Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

This is really a cute sweater but I have to say that it's the last pic that really caught my eye! You can see your wedding rings clearly - Karen - you're married now! :)

Anonymous said...

This sweater is cute, it is the kind of piece you will get a lot of wear out of.

SEWN said...

Like Carolyn said, cute sweater, but even nicer rings!

Sheila said...

Lovely shrug and the fabric is perfect for it.

Audrey said...

That is a great little sweater.
I have a similar loopy knit fabric and did not have any idea what to make from it.

Tanit-Isis said...

Wow, I only just found this! Super exciting (*does a little happy dance*). I hope you get lots of use out of it!