Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I'm working on right now

Not a whole lot, let me tell you. My mojo isn't absent, it's just feeling scatterbrained - I'm picking up this, starting that, working on the other.

So what I guess I'm making at the moment are UFOs. And I hate UFOs. In progress at the moment: a spring/summer dress based off the Burdastyle Fatina downloadable pattern. The shape is straightforward, but I'm adding a detail that requires some fiddly sewing, and while I don't even mind that, I couldn't find something that I needed to start doing the fiddly sewing, and by the time I did, I'd started working on

a pencil skirt with a stencil. That was going along well, at least the stencil part, but the fabric wasn't actually started to fray at the seamline before I'd even finished sewing it, so a good idea with the wrong fabric. Skirt went into the bin, and the rest of the fabric went back on the shelf - I think it'll be fine if it's stabilized with a light layer of fusible interfacing (maybe a vest for Mario), but as a skirt, it didn't cut it, which meant that I went on to start

a dress for a friend's baby. Except I couldn't find a fabric that I particularly wanted to use for the dress, so I started

another baby dress, as a backup gift. That one is done except for the hem and the closure, but it'll probably be saved for the craft show next year. No one did any kids stuff this year, and I think baby clothes in the 6 month and 1 year range would sell well. But in the meantime, baby dress #1 is unfinished, except in my head.

And yesterday we had temps in the high 50s, and all I want to do is get out in the garden and finish the cleanup I neglected last fall. I'm about to order this year's organic veggies, and there needs to be some serious cleanup and shovel pruning if I'm going to fit in everything that I currently want to grow.

FYI, for those who read my last post, Civil Disobedience, apparently protesting can move mountains. Or at least cities and building owners. The tenants of the burned apartment building got a 48 hour stay of the demolition order, and today they were allowed to go in and retrieve what's left of their possessions and try to get their pets. Turns out the building isn't unsafe, except in certain areas; it was just easier to keep people out. I feel really good now about the loss of my sewing Saturday, and I hope that there's something left for these poor people after over a month of waiting.


KC said...

Good for you and your fellow civil disobeyers! Sometimes (but not often enough) all you have to do to get people to listen is speak up!

Jane M said...

Bravo to you and the other wonderfully involved people.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Thank you for the update on the apartment building--so glad to hear that they were able to go in.

The weather is amazing! It's hard to focus when it's actually warm (wish it was sunny today, though).

TE said...

You are my hero.