Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On to the next


I've now made a knit dress and another knit top (KS 3338 from my new Gorgeous knit) while still not finishing my two UFO dresses. I'm beginning to see a trend here - I'm getting a lot of sewing done while complaining that I'm not sewing those particular items. So let's keep going.

PR Weekend is taking place on May 13-15 in Chicago. I wasn't planning to make anything for the weekend, but the other night I decided that what I really want is a new leather jacket. I bought some beautiful teal lamb skin at Mood during the PR shopping day last year, and I've heard it whispering to me recently. Is it wrong that I want to use this leather to make another version of V7976, the same pattern I used for my black leather jacket? I don't think it is - I wear the black leather constantly, and it's an indoor/outdoor kind of jacket, one where if I'm cold in the office I don't feel like I'm wearing outerwear at my desk. And teal would just make it even more indoor wear. The pattern has really nice lines - basic, but interesting, and I think the teal will point out the interesting triple fitting dart on the front, which is kind of lost in the black.

Wait, what am I thinking? This is a pattern that requires 12 total darts, 6 in leather and 6 in lining fabric. I remember cussing at those darts when I made the muslin back in 2008, and then cussing some more when I got to the leather. So of course, what do I want but to do it again?

As a semi-political, semi-aside, and not bringing the whole unpleasant world of politics into a sewing blog (I have opinions and a lot of them but I'd just as soon not go into it here; let's just say I'd probably work for MSNBC sooner than Fox), one thing I really enjoyed during the 2008 election season was Sarah Palin's collection of jackets. Face it, other than that, there wasn't a whole lot of fashion going on among the candidates themselves, other than unfortunate pants suits. Hilary's comment about the "sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit" was one of my favorite election speech moments).

Okay, so back to the plan. I think, especially since I'm using a familiar pattern that needs no tweaking, I can get this finished before Chicago. The only reason I can't do it quicker is that leather needs glue, and glue needs time to dry, but if I plan the project out in sections, I should be able to sew sections and glue them and then go on to the next section without making a really long project out of it.

I ran down to Karlin's, my local store, at lunch today, because if I'm going to start on this today or tomorrow, I need to have lining on hand. Karlin's had some turquoise acetate lining that would have worked, some black poly charmeuse that would have worked, and an iridescent, double-sided taffeta that was peachy-tan/aqua on one side and a solid, deeper turquoise on the other. It had a nicer hand, and beat the acetate hands down. My black leather jacket has an orange acetate lining, and it's the only part of the jacket that's showing wear at this point.

When I planned to make McCall 6171, I got a separating zipper in the right color. I think that may be a little long for this jacket, but I do actually want to make the zipper come up a little higher, and I can always taper the zip into the seam and shorten it that way. (I'd get it shortened at Karlin's, which does that, but their only zipper stops are bright silver and gold, and both would be just a little jarring; I'll do it my way).

So that's the plan. Let's see if I actually follow through. And if anyone out there reading spots me in Chicago NOT wearing this jacket, feel free to ask if it's done. Sometimes I need a boot in the butt.


Gail said...

Your top looks very smart.

Unknown said...

I love your top! :) I think sewing with leather is so impressive! It must be really nerve-racking too! lol
Ashley x

Myra said...

I love the knit top - great print.

Kitty Couture said...

Love the top! What a gorgeous fabric.
A deadline like a PR weekend is the perfect enticement to push your limits sewing wise. I know you will do it.

Jane M said...

Terrific print on that new top. Isn't it funny about what we can get done while avoiding the thing we're supposed to be doing. ANd wow, you're already talking leather jacket #2 while I still have my first one in my daydreams. You'll have a great PR weekend no matter what you finish!

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I'm sure that you will make this work! Go for it!